1. The_Warchief

    Spell: "Waking Nightmare"

    Hey all! Trying to get a custom spell to work for my latest campaign project and I can't quite seem to get it to work the way I want. It's called "Waking Nightmare," and basically it's a Sleep spell where the target doesn't wake up if they take damage and they take periodic damage during the...
  2. Haxerflaxer

    [Spell] Hero ability AoE & DoT

    Hi! I've just started using the editor to create some fun maps for me and my friends and so far it's going great; except one encounter, which I seem to be unable to do and can't find any solutions on the world wide web. I'm trying to create an ability for a hero which is more or less like the...
  3. Krotos

    [Spell] MUI channeled %HP DoT spell.

    Hello! I'm currently trying to create a channeled single target DoT spell that deals a %MAX HP of a target as damage and uses GUI entirely but I am not sure where to start. I know what kind of damage I want to deal with the spell and such but I am at a loss in terms of how to shape it up...
  4. userid907

    [vJASS] Logic Challenge or Impossible?

    Iam trying to make a feature on my system that use hashtable, but i stuck when i got a problem, is this possible but hard, or impossible?, i've been trying much hard to solve. here is : static method getDataFromUnit takes unit un returns integer return LoadInteger(ht,2,???)...
  5. Captain Bacon

    [Solved] Need help making an Immolate-like spell that scales off of Intelligence.

    Allright, so I basically want to create a spell that is ...toggleable? togglable? ..that you can turn on and off that deals the [intelligence of a hero/2] (plus something that scales with ability level) to all surrounding enemies every half second. Kind of like this: This trigger...