dialog menu

  1. Pharven

    Set Next Level

    Hey everyone, I tried to make a custom campaign by creating a menu map with a dialog. The idea is that you have a button for each level. The problem is i the [set next level] action does not seem to work. When i press a button it will redirect me to the main menu Am i doing something wrong or...
  2. McPhisto2051

    Making easy dialog buttons for e.g. a simultaneously vote for all players (just in GUI)

    I read many threads from people complaining about dialog buttons and didn't use it proper myself before today. Even if it takes probably longer clicking the triggers in GUI this should be an easy example of how a dialog for multiple players in just GUI may work. First of all you need some...
  3. SpiritTauren

    [General] Dialog menu repositioning

    Hey, what would be the easiest solution, if I want simply to re-position the dialog button menu? I don't want any custom frames (unless it's the best/only way), etc. Is there any in-game/editor/interface constants option to slide the interface axis? I didn't find any, and the forum search...