custom spells

  1. D

    Create cool custom spells without triggering / coding

    --- Create cool custom spells without triggering / coding --- As we all know, whenever we create heroes for our projects we want it to have nice abilities and unique as well. The best way to do that is to use GUI/MUI or other coding language from the WE. BUT, there are people who didn't learn...
  2. GamesofFreak

    Help with Custom Passive Spell

    I'm bad at creating my own spells, so I need a little help. I want a passive skill that increases attack damage and attack rate every time the hero makes an attack, but it is reset as soon as the hero changes target. This effect should be stackable. My question: How do you create such a spell?
  3. Teitan

    [Hero Arena] Tryndamere in Warcraft III (WIP)

    I'll be resuming this project soon, and i rather have this post deleted.
  4. xxdingo93xx

    [Strategy / Risk] Creep Wars Ultimate

    Hello ladies and gents, I'll ask you kindly to share your thoughts on this, maybe add your ideas if you have some and your honest opinion if you think it is worth remaking this map. Lately I became nostalgic again watching a video about the 12 year old custom map Creep Wars. If you can't...
  5. Mr_Loap

    [Solved] My map doesnt appear on the list of maps

    Hi, I have a map that I have saved (in the right place) but I cannot find it when I play. This problem exists since I have copied and pasted a custom spell in it. I think I have done it properly, I mean the spell works when I play the map from World Editor. I do not understand why the map...
  6. Tfz

    Request for custom skills for a new map. (League of Legends)

    I need custom skills created for each of the heroes listed bellow. (Q W E R). (Copies of the actual skills that are right now active in the game) Making a huge project here, plan to make it the second most played custom map after dota. Nami. Alistar. Jax. Diana. Nocturne. Irelia. Ahri...