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custom mechanics

  1. cleavinghammer

    Ransom mechanic

    Ideas for a ransom mechanic (Player 1 captures Player 2's unit; P2 can pay to get their unit back or P1 can free the unit and get less money for it), would like feedback on it. - Ransom: Active melee-range ability based on Ensnare. Can target ground and grounded air units, not heroes or...
  2. DatBoi

    Unique Unit Training: Concepts and Ideas

    Just throw in your ideas, someone could use these, doesn't need to be detailed. I'll start : A soul goes into a doodad and makes a unit out of it. (Ex: goes into a rock, Rock Golem spawns.) A tomb that catches dead enemies souls and recicles them into undeads. (Ex: Footman dies, Skeleton...
  3. YetAnotherYoutuber

    Video footage

    I did not finish recording the project, still, here are three complete videos of three maps tutorial Solen's temple Bonechiller barrow Forest temple