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  1. Grapir

    Hey sup.

    Im new in this forums thing.. I actually want to learn more bout it. And of course nothing more interesting than Warcraft to learn. :vw_love:
  2. Hordeon

    How to: Test map correctly

    Testing the map is very important. First you must fix all leaks (No leaks , good game). The second rule is: The Path... The pach must be placed correctly. The third testing rule is: The Coding of Colors. The collor code is very important.You can't write color code like this: OR And...
  3. DarkChaos131

    Want to make a asome map

    Hello ever one i use to have an account on here but i cant remember so i had to make this one but any way i want to make a asome map and i will need a team of people to help out and this could help with the Donations to hivework shop so if your intrested in making a map that i want to make i...
  4. TheDivineBoss

    RP-Screenshots iand RP-creations

    Ok peepz, since United Roleplayers site hit a iceberg and sank to the bottom of the void they sended me here to post here screenshots of creations in RPs. I can send some now. :grin::grin: SEND YOUROWN CREATIONS TOO! Because: More pictures more souls or something. Draculas Castle And a...