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crash to desktop

  1. LordHatchet95

    Game crashes whenever I try to build anything (AoE2 in WC3 project)

    I've been making an Age of Empires 2 scenario, with resources and all, even upgradeable buildings whenever one advances to the next age, but... whenever I try to build anything at all, the game crashes. There is an attached video with the test run with a villager (peasant) that has nothing but...
  2. Mathayis

    Custom games don't work

    Well, at least the ones I made don't :p I'm sure i'm not the only one suffering with the same issues, and I feel kinda bad making all these complaints as i'm sure Blizzard is scrambling to fix things....Right now I'm just trying to figure things out so I can continue playing and map making...
  3. Blood Raven

    [Solved] My melee map got corrupted...

    Hey everyone! I'm participating in the current Melee Map Contest #2 and somehow managed to get my map corrupted for the third time. All previous times I was able to salvage a backup version from the JNG folder, but this time all of these are corrupted aswell. The map still works ingame, but...