crash fix

  1. Liquiix

    When i use this spell my game is freeze sometimes.

    How should I fix this spell? When I use this spell, it sometimes works normally, but sometimes it makes the game freeze. I tried creating a new trigger to turn off the looping trigger, but it still freezes. this skill add another skill (Spiked Carapace) to unit when have "Sanctified...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Lua] World editor closes when I save the map because of this code.

    I tried to update the Lua pure code version of my Bounty Controller but every time I saved it the editor closes and I don't know why, I wrote it in the VSCode with pluggins and never displayed me a syntax error or something like that, to see what is happening here is the code: --The pure Lua...
  3. Homor

    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Howdy. I'm having a little trouble with 1.31's campaign editor. I try to save a new campaign and the editor crashes with this error Is there a specific thing I'm doing wrong that's causing this? Or does 1.31 just not work with the campaign editor? Will I have to roll back to an older version...
  4. BranHUN

    [Crash] PTR World Editor won't open

    Hello there! I don't know, if this is how it's supposed to be or not, but I have moved to the Public Test Realm to play Classic Warcraft III, and I thought about creating some custom scenarios. However, I can't seem to open the World Editor of the PTR edition. It always pops up, then...
  5. GreenNinja

    [Crash] How can I quick fix a crash in a protected map by editing the terrain?

    There is an issue with a map that when players are playing both Reforged and Classic graphics in the same game, and someone walks over a bridge, the Classic players desynced and are disconnected. This is probably due to the bridge models being different. This crash is unavoidable as NPCs walk...