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  1. NightStalker

    [Trigger] MUI Countdown Timer

    Alright, I wanted to recreate Tyrael's spell from HOTS on Wc3. Everything was fine until I got stuck in the timer issue. Here's how the spell should work: 1) Tyrael throws his sword to a point. (First loop to send an effect along the path between Tyrael and target point) 2) The sword spawns on...
  2. Woodenplank

    MUI and Timers...

    Hello Hive I'm planning a new spell, "Frozen Eternity" or "Time Freeze" if you wish to be less dramatic. Any way, the spell is simple enough in getting it to work (I assume)... But I can't come up with a work-around for making it MUI So any way, the idea is: Cast upon an area (based on...