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  1. darkravenbest

    Get upgrade cost

    Hello! I need to find a way to get upgrade(research) gold/wood cost. I know that there are exists: BlzGetUnitGoldCost, which works for unit only and GetAbilityLevelIntegerField. The latter can be set to get "gold cost" of ability. As i know functions like GetAbilityToolTip are used with units...
  2. xyzier_24

    Unit Cost Calculation for Melee Maps

    I don't know if this is the right Forum to ask this but: - I am looking for a formula for calculating the unit cost of the first trainable non-worker unit (or the basic one, to be exact) in a standard melee. Well, just a reference based on the gold cost for Footman and Grunt. Doesn't have to...
  3. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Check for player's available food.

    I'm creating a custom training system that works entirely with triggers. Checking for player's food available food doesn't seem to exist in the Integer - Player Properties. There must be some weird math to get the player's available food, right? I tried most of the calculations but none of them...
  4. kuyondo

    getting the gold/lumber cost of unit

    how do you make a trigger which add your gold/lumber, based on the trained unit gold/lumber cost? example: event - unit finishes training a unit condition - unit type of trained unit equal to peasant action - add [trained unit gold cost] to player current gold action - add [trained unit...
  5. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Mana consume detection

    Hi I need some help with these triggers i made to detect how much mana a spell is consuming Impedido 2 Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions Actions Set ManaOBJ = (Mana of casting unit) Impedido Events Unit - A unit Starts the...