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  1. Ulabula

    [Trigger] Set ability cooldown - map won't load anymore?

    So yeah I'm having this weird Issue, If I set a cooldown for a ability the game won't load the map after saving, it will just crash. I've searched online and couldn't really find anyone talking about it. I'm using warcraft version 1.29.2. Is it native to the version or am I missing something...
  2. Geegwolker

    How to make Item That reset cooldown of all abilities?

    Hi, i would like to make Item that has effect of ability that can reset cooldown by any % of all abilities that current hero uses while carring the item. I work with GUI not JASS. Thank you, Geeg
  3. Geegwolker

    Item Reset Cooldown of all Abilities

    Hi, i would like to ask if someone could help me make CD Ability trigger for my item. All i need is to have Item(i can easly make) that when carried by hero makes all abilities for every hero cooldown to 50%( or whatever number except to 0%). I Work with Gui not JASS. Thank you for reply, Geeg
  4. DexterFstone

    pause cooldown ability

    Hi it's possible to make a ability to pause enemy abilities cooldown? for example enemy cast ability then go to cooldown for 12 second after that me cast pause ability and cooldown for enemy pause for 5 second (after 17 second ability is ready)
  5. polarbearguy

    [Solved] Cooldowns of abilities in spellbook refresh when leveling it up?

    So I have a hero, which has quite a handful of spellbooks as his hero skills. When he learns a spellbook, all of the abilities inside it are set to the current level of this spellbook. Pretty simple, yeah, but here's the thing. Whenever this spellbook is learned, cooldowns of all the abilities...
  6. HerlySQR

    Did exist a way to modificate the cooldown in older versions?

    I know in newer versions there is an option to do that, but what happened in older versions?
  7. fenix140

    Edit 1:How creating illusions with passive spells that the UI can display and that can cast a Pspell

    (Edit 1.1: Update 1: Add Usable Defense skill to an illusion. Add: Shadow Meld and Root / Unroot also) As the title says I found a way to add skills to the illusions (Excuse my English, it is not my source language). I suppose that in the versions of War 3 after 1.29 I think I solve this...
  8. Subwoofy

    [Spell] My spell doesn't go on cooldown

    Hey there, I've been trying to create a simple single-target damage spell with Channel and triggers to get a feel for how it works. However, for some inexplicable reason whenever I cast my spell in-game it just refuses to go on cooldown. I've tried basing my spell off of another random spell (I...
  9. SharSash

    [Spell] Changing spells in Bear-form but keeping their cooldowns

    Hi. I have read several threads considering this topic but haven't find a solution yet (or just me being me and couldn't get thigs right). Now I'll try to make clear what I mean. So I want hero to have one set of spells in elf-form and another one in bear-form and they should have separated...
  10. El Saif

    [General] Correct ways to use new natives

    So, i've been confused about how to use some of new natives we got. Especially those Ability Mana and Cooldown parts. I tried using them on trigger like when the unit starts the effect on an ability, periodic timer, etc. But it seems doesn't really work at all. Anybody knows why? Or i missing...
  11. Virus-X

    [Spell] Change Weapons(Replace Unit) problem

    Hi, i has my problem with my weapons when change weapons First, if i change weapons when the stat strength get a bug. Example: Before After Seconds, if i change weapons when all spell is under cooldown, all spell will reset it when i change. Example: Before After this is my trigger i...
  12. facukpo

    Ability Cooldown Problem

    Greetings! I've been looking for a problem like the one I'm having but I can't seem to find any help, even tho this might be something really simple I'm missing out. The cooldown of the abilities on my custom map aren't showing, the cooldown itself its working since I can't spam the ability...
  13. mohamy

    Reset Special Ability Cooldown

    i want something to ask how i do reset a specif ability cooldown? not all ability just a special ability