1. RayzerCalitri

    [Import] vJASS: Unit Dissipate Issue

    So I found a thread about making a unit get a dissipate effect with the Banish ability as the dummy spell, I downloaded a map (made by Maker) and for some reason, the vJASS trigger can't be enabled and I can't test it out nor save it while I try to get it enabled. It comes up with a compile...
  2. Stormgoddd

    Need help with Jass Script compile Errors

    So iam a noob in Jass/GUI, however i'am starting to get it.. slowly but steadily.. However, now to my question : As a practise I want to make a Chat Message for all Players (in Jass ofc) that shows a result of a math problem. In Pic 1 you can see my script. In Pic 2 u can see the error I get...
  3. Gogetakao

    How to set up Compiler for C/C++.[Tutorial]

    Hey there, This tutorial is on how to set up most famous compilers of C/C++, yep you are correct I am talking about TurboC and Codeblocks. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to create your new program using turbo c, and codeblocks. This tutorial will cover some most comman, and...
  4. Ruke


    vrJASS Language What is vrJASS? A just-for-fun programming language which compiles down to JASS (Warcraft 3). It aims to improve and replace the beloved vJASS. What? x2 An update to vJASS which tries to solve its flaws. I want to try it! - I need a manual...