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  1. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Charge Ability

    I wanna make a spell that do the same thing as "Charge" of the Zealot in Starcraft 2 but it can be stopped if the caster do another action (and this include if someone stop him) and if the caster colides with the target so the caster inflicts damage to the target, and if you can tell me if I can...
  2. azaraxzealot

    [Unsolved] Custom Zealot Charge Ability

    I am NOT good at the data editor. I tried to alter the zealot's charge ability use use a set effect and the effects in the set would: 1) Cause the charge to happen, 2) Cause a stunning effect on the target, and 3) Cause additional flat damage to the target. What really happens is if I click to...
  3. Diegoit

    Add charges

    I have a potion with 5 charges, i take another potion of the same type with 3 charges now the carried potion is removed and my potion now have 8 charges. Please help and thanks.
  4. mohamy

    charge system

    hi guys i want to build the spell with charges i have an idea we need to build the unit like spell and tell hero to sell unit by hero all units have recharge time and maximum stock.( maximum charge and recharge time) i apply it but there is a problem can't unavailable and available unit with...
  5. Jet Black

    [Solved] Change Ability Charges (with triggers and items)

    Hi ! I'm encountering a serious issue with trigger that does not works... I searched in many forums and this problem is unknown. For example, I have "Jim Raynor - (commando)" unit that has plasma gun ability with 3 charges, and I just can't refill it with triggers, I've tried two different...