1. Cheshire

    [Solved] unwanted channeling animation from raise dead

    hey there, I created a hero spell based on raise dead. everything works smoothly, but for some reason the caster keeps playing it's "spell" animation in a loop until it is issued a new order. I thought maybe changing the spell to be based on the item version would help, but it still happened. I...
  2. Cheshire

    [Spell] adding spell animation before effect, progress bar

    hey, this should be super simple but I can't get it to work. I'm trying to make a spell thats like charm but on buildings, and only comes into effect and changes the ownership of the building after a minute of channeling. the ability itself was easy to setup based on charm, but i can't figure...
  3. JustTom

    Fixing Leak If Spell is Interrupted;

    I have created a working Mass Teleport ability out of Channel which requires no targets and teleports allies. I want to know how to clear the leaks in the second trigger if the spell is interrupted before it takes place. I have to use the variables that need cleared, which are setup in the first...
  4. yram44

    Channeling Ability to cast?

    Hi i have a question?? 1. Can custom channeling abilities cast by the ai with triggers? Because i have some spells that i can make the computer ai heroes to cast. I only change their base spells. But almost all my custom channel spells cannot be casted by the ai, even though i change their...
  5. silverlight33

    [Spell] Syphon mana -> increasing mana of an ally

    Hey, I was wandering if there is a field/gameplay constant that allows syphon mana to increase the manapool of the allly unit? The same way you can increase BM mana over the cap when he is targeting enemies. If there isn't an easy way, can you point me towards how to do it with...
  6. 3xKataratos

    [Solved] Uninterrupted Casting/Channeling

    Ok... Here's my problem When i order units/bosses in my map to do a channeling or a spell with casting time and during that time a player attacks triggering unit ,Unit stops and attacks the attacking unit. -I tried setting acquisition range to 0 while casting but didnt work. -I end up making...