chain lightning

  1. AtivEnergy

    [Spell] Chain Lightning - Do Not Destroy Trees

    Greetings! I just wanted to make this spell Chain Lightning (level 4) to kill units, buildings and [Trees] when bounce. Each level(1-4) has different number of bounces and different damage. The problem is.. How can i made this spell to bounce even in Trees and kill Trees when bounce? "Target...
  2. Ahimtar

    [Spell] In my lightning-based spell, source target can't be moved for some reason

    Hello, I'm making a spell for my hero arena (Icecrown Arena, work in progress), where a hero gets bound onto an enemy for a few seconds, keeping him in a 550 distance with the enemy. I've based the spell on a Channel and triggered it and it all seems to work, except for moving the lightning...
  3. InSaNe_97

    Chain Lightning and Healing Wave bounces on ally and enemy units.

    I want to make that ability Chain Lightning bounces on ally units as well as on enemy and that ability Healing Wave bounces on enemy units as well as on ally. "Targets allowed" just allow casting on that unit and when hit, back on usual, Chain Lightning bounces just on enemy and Healing Wave...
  4. PrinceYaser

    Chain Lightning Advanced Spell Request

    Hello, Gods of triggers! I've made a very simple spell: SpellChainLightning Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Chain Lightning Actions Hashtable - Create a hashtable Set MB_prev = (Triggering...