1. Kieran95

    [Solved] Anybody know how to find the campaign maps?

    I know Blizzard no longer provides the old MPQ files anymore. I downloaded the data files with a cascviewer, and found the map folders but no map files. For example, Humanx02 has a bunch of files in the folder but does not contain the 'w3x' file. Any information would be great Thanks
  2. FreeReign121

    [General] How to access original campaign map AI?

    I opened up one of the Reign of Chaos maps " Orc 03: Cry of The Warsong" in world editor. I would like to study and potentially tweak the AI in this map. But I don't know how to access the AI script listed in the trigger editor using the AI editor.
  3. Deek Steel

    Can't load campaign map.

    I have a map that works properly but when I add it to a campaign and try to launch ingame I get a message than an error occured while loading and map is either corrupted or damaged. I found similar post earlier that said map's size was too big so I reduced it as much as I could (to 3mb), despite...
  4. xvarts