1. StonemaulMidget

    [HD/Modeling] Hanging Cage Door Misplacement

    Hello, this is StonemaulMidget, Just now, I've been at work making the authentic Hanging Cage, which is a pre-existing destructible housing orcs and humans and Lost Ones, so that the whole post moves forward carrying the cage with, and not just the main post acting like an arm piston and the...
  2. Locrito

    Can someone tell me what did I do wrong with this model?

    This model consists of a CageKart with 10 captured villagers inside. Everything it has to do, is walk (and maybe die, but it's not important), but it doesn't even to that correctly. It was two errors. 1. When imported to the game, some of the textures inside of the villagers that should be...
  3. victorsuazo1991

    Remove camera online, and destroy Cage

    Hello, I have two questions that I would need help from experienced people. 1- I need to destroy the cage, create a unit only for the player who destroyed the cage. (if player 1 destroyed it, that unit released is only for him) Try placing Owner of Killing unit, but nothing happened. 2- The...