1. HerlySQR

    Is possible make a flash for a custom UI button?

    Hello, I wanna know if there is a way to create a flash like the Quest Dialog button or when you set autocast an spell in a custom UI button.
  2. Oppaikun

    [SD/Modeling] [Bulk Request] Button to Item Model

    Hey all! I've recently been scouring the internet for item models using their button art, specifically for all the standard items in the game. It seems I've reached the end for what I could manage to find on my own and have skillful individuals help me create with some existing models. The...
  3. Dark-Zalor

    Item Button Clicked

    hello everyone, I use for any of my spells that event: call TriggerRegisterCommandEvent(T, SPELL_ID, SPELL_ORDER) and this works, when I clicke on the button my trigger runs. But is there an equivalent for item click button, because the event below does not trigger anything... Thanks you...
  4. Evilhog

    Samwise Didier returns to drawing icons!

    Of course, this isn't game related, but still, these icons trigger that classic Warcraft 3 nostalgia nerve. I missed Sam's trademark style in Reforged.
  5. bruunk

    [General] Is there a way to hide the "Attack Ground" button for artillery units

    I want to hide the "attack ground" button from my units and have instead a custom ability that will essentially act as a replacement for "attack ground". The only real difference is that I am using "Channel" with "Unique Cast" checked. It's not mandatory to have, but if it is possible it would...
  6. Mathayis

    [General] Hero sidebar button placements?

    Hey there! Just a quick question :) Was wondering how to move the hero icon I have circled to the top? It's meant to be sort of a skill tree menu, and want it above the other characters :)
  7. Ricola3D

    Unit of "Ward" classification: display a command button ?

    Hello, I have units of classification type "Ward" in my maps, and that have splash damages. I would like to add them the "Attack" command button (that is hidden because of the classification) like any other unit. Is there a way please ? Indeed with this button I can have the ward attack my...
  8. dfxiispro

    [Solved] Removing Dialog Buttons from dialog after button is pressed

    Hi, Is there anyway to create a dialogue that once a button within it is pressed, that button is removed and does not appear in the dialogue when it is shown again?
  9. dfxiispro

    [Solved] Deleting Dialog buttons one by one

    Hi, I am currently attempting to make a dialog with 4 buttons, as each button is pressed, it is removed from the dialog that reappears after the text. While I could do it in a long way of clearing the dialog and recreating it, it is messy and easily leads to a loop where buttons are removed...
  10. Uncle

    [Solved] Shop problems - Adding and removing items through triggers

    Hello, I'm having issues with my shop system. I want to re-stock an item whenever you purchase it from a shop. I figured something like this was sure to work: Purchase an Item Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions Actions Neutral Building - Add...
  11. Uncle

    [Solved] Hiding the "Get User" ability from Shops WHILE retaining it's functionality

    I know that you can toggle the Get User button on and off in the editor with Select Hero's "Show Select User Button" field, but that won't fix my problem. The problem is that the Get User button is taking up a slot on my commandcard and replacing Items inside the shop. I already have 2-3...
  12. SoooK

    Random ability positions in a spell book

    First time I want to use a spell book. I want the abilities in it to be in specific positions of the UI. I edited their x;y coordinates accordingly, but each time I load the map, all abilities are randomly placed somewhere at x;0! Is there a way to fix this?
  13. konradt

    Trigger to notify players about others' race/class choice at startup

    There's this map [Miscellanous / Other] - Northrend Bound: v1.84 Open Source which I'm doing some small changes on. The map is for 8 players and people are a little frustrated if many of the players choose the same race/profession. So I was hoping to add a text notification function to the...
  14. matin45

    displacement of the button

    Hi guys. I have a quastion: Is there a possibility of displacement of the button patrol location? Like the picture below
  15. Nemesis_

    DISBTN not working (green when menu is opened)

    Although there are plenty of guides out there, I still do not quite understand why it is not working. Anyone kind enough to lend me a helping hand? Link to the icon: BTNMurlocHut1
  16. ILH

    Basic - Creating Icons from Screenshots

    How to Create: Simple Unit Icon Hello there, and welcome to this very basic tutorial! Are you working on a project and having your OCD triggered for not having a precise icon for one of your custom units? Fear no more! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create basic icons using these...
  17. Elf_Lord

    [Solved] (Sorta) Campaign Buttons are Weird

    Alright, so I'm having a really minor but really annoying bug here. One thing I added recently to my campaign was a "Restore Previous Game" map, which is designed to bring players back to their previous point in the game if I release an update or something (this has always annoyed me about...