1. izaiphovias

    Reteras Model Studio: Animation Issues, Trying to edit bones

    I am trying to create a Beastiary model for the Fel Orcs. I have imported some Fel Orc Burrow parts into the Beastiary, but for some reason I can't get them to properly attach to the correct bone. The imported geosets were attached to the "cage" bone, which moves during the "work" animation...
  2. Yours Truly

    Attaching vertices to a bone crashes Mdlvis

    Hey I've been trying to import the vanilla War3 Sylvanas animations to this WoW model. The results wasn't very nice so I removed every WoW bones on the model and transferred the War3 bones to the model. From there, I started attaching each individual vertices to a bone where it would be on the...
  3. Elf_Lord

    Root Bone Animation Issue

    Hey, all! I'm a novice modeler in need of some advice or a fix here with an animation issue. I needed to give the Eredar model an actual fall-over death animation, so I made one in Mdlvis. A little over-the-top, I admit, but that's what I needed for this design. The problem is that the Eredar...