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blp problem

  1. Rolo

    MdlVis BLP error

    Dear Hive, Since the newest patch (1.29) My Mdlvis has a problem opening blp files. Whenever I try to go into textured view, it gives me a error message telling me 'Can't unpack blp'. Someone else I know also has this problem. What I found out thusfar: -If I put Mdlvis inside an apart folder...
  2. Arturo_332

    Petition: Blp file (Dark Gray Unicolor)

    Hello :) good afternoon, today I'm going to ask you a favor. I need a very dark gray blp texture but not completely black, like the team color (Hostile) Pd: excuse my bad translation, my native language is Spanish and if they understand ask me and I can try to make them understand :D
  3. Rakhall

    Texturing Problems please help me!

    I was trying to make custom skins for characters, but when I used them in-game, it didn't turn out well. The problem is, that after I import it as a blp file, it works in the Wc3model editor, but when I put the character in-game it doesn't shows the customized part... either they turn invisible...