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bear form

  1. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Melee/Ranged Isnt Working

    Hello Community that has helped me understand so many things in the WE! #MuchAppreciation! I am having trouble with yet another situation here as i have googled and searched through here for answers on switching from Melee -> Ranged and keeping spells and all of that is cool. The problem is...
  2. Plutan

    [HD/Modeling] WoW Druid Bear Forms Port Request

    Greetings Warcraft III Hive community. I was wondering if anyone with the technical know-how would be willing to port the druid bear form models from WoW to Warcraft III, rather like Tier10Trash has done here with the cat forms (https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/druid-cat-form-pack.328852/)...
  3. bruunk

    [Solved] Is it possible to trigger transform abilities on heroes

    I want to make a hero that is all about shifting forms. They will have 4 forms total, one of which is the default. I started out by making custom versions of bear form, crow form, metamorphosis and burrow with the idea that I would just make each one transform the hero into one of the other...
  4. CAAentertainment

    [Solved] Bear Form & Tomes

    I'm experimenting with Heroes being able to use transformations to another Hero by Bear Form and back. For example, a Dragon Rider mounting or dismounting his dragon. It works fine in-game, and I've already solved the problems with unit abilities disappearing. But my question is, do stats...
  5. Dunkeulbock

    [Solved] Bear form for multiple targets

    Hello ! So, I am creating a map in which a player can assign roles (warrior, archer, mage etc) to villagers and to villagers who already have a role. For example, the player could select some villagers and tell them to go to the barracks to become warriors. And then if later in the game he...