1. coconut

    Hero's main attribute for 7 brewmasters

    I'm having a problem, I can't decide how best to do for a map that looks a lot like 7 blademasters. I have 3 heroes with agility, 2 with strength and 2 with intelligence, but intelligence may not be very attractive to players, it does not boost attack speed, hero survivability, but in theory it...
  2. Blahblah_Blagar

    Units that need a buff for single player experience?

    Hi I'm currently working on a custom campaign based around the vanilla factions and since I'm doing some QoL and minor balance changes to make the campaign more fun, I've been wondering which units could use some buffs? Bear in mind since this is a singleplayer experience, strict balance...
  3. Cheshire

    [Altered Melee] Need help balancing units

    Hey, I'm creating an island themed altered melee, using the original four factions. I thought I could just use the organic ships (transport,frigate,battleship) that go with each race that are already in the editor. but it seems they are grossly overpowered in comparison to the standard melee...
  4. HerlySQR

    Changes for my map

    I made this map, but i think the terrain is not well built, I think it gives advantages to one team and disadvantages to the other, what would you change?
  5. Cheshire

    [Altered Melee] gold sapping spell

    Hey there, For an altered melee I'm working on I'm giving one of the heros a spell where he makes gold-sapping wards. I'm trying to decide how much gold per-second they steal from nearby players (you put them near buildings and they steal gold from the owners of the building). i want this to...
  6. Teitan

    Need help with triggered spells!

    Hello, lately i got a lot of free time and decided to try the world editor again, this time starting with something simpler than a map, a custom hero. Now first of all i want to clarify that i don't own any of the resources used on this hero, everything from the 3d model and special effects to...
  7. AIgnatiousS

    Balancing Units

    I've been in the process of making a map for a couple months now. During this process I've created tons of units, and through the laziness of copy pasting over and over I've managed to destroy the balance of the units I had near the beginning. What would be the best way to re-balance them? I...