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attack animation

  1. Kadel

    [Solved] Change unit's attack animation on the passive skill

    Hello again, I read the threads on attack animations, and I have a couple of questions + about my situation... I created a custom blade master, that has pit lord's cleave instead of a critical strike. Cleave is a passive ability, and every time my blade master performs an attack, he uses Attack...
  2. J2Krauser

    Attack Animation Speed

    Hi. I'm wondering if there's any way to change a unit's attack animation speed instead of letting the game do it by itself. Basically, any possible way to take it out of the engine's hands, I'd be interested in. What I mean by this is; you can change a unit's attack time, effectively making it...
  3. Peach Schnapps

    Stag attack animation plays once then bugs

    So in the reforged editor the Stag Critter has attack animations, and if I set him up to attack while computer controlled he’ll do his animation once, then just sort of t-poses and continues attacking but the animations are bugged I guess? Is this just a bug with reforged? There should be a...
  4. SUN

    Spell animation on attack(2)?

    Hi, I'm new to The HIVE and I hope here is the right spot to ask a question about the Map-Editor. This site helped me several times, but today I am not able to find what I need, so I created an account :) I have created a unit which has both a melee attack (like a Footman) and a siege attack...