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  1. dennis herrmann

    How to Create a normal IK Bone Rig in 3ds max 2016 for warcraft 3

    Hey guys, my tutorial how to create a IK Rig for a character with 3ds Max 2016. I used the Tutorial from blinky boy and translated it for 2016 with many tests. Soon i will release another tutorial, how to skin the model. for any questions, you can join my discord group Join the Warcraft 3...
  2. BlinkBoy

    In-depth Animation Tutorial [3ds max]

    Basic Animation Tutorial By BlinkBoy Overview Difficulty 5/10 Normal difficulty Tools Required 3d Studio Max [Any Version] 3dsmax 4,5 -> Art Tools 3dsmax 6-up -> NeoDex 2 Knowledge Requirements Basic knowledge on managing 3dsmax and it's interface. Some basic...