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  1. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [General] [AI] How to set a tower to prioritize non-Hero units?

    Hi all, Today I'm working on the beginnings of the computer AI. I have turrets set up around the map, and I would like for them to prioritize attacking minions (non-hero units) over the player hero units. The other goal, which I think I know how to accomplish, is to make it so that, if a hero...
  2. InsaneMonster

    Custom AI Script (JASS) Share

    Hi all fellow coders! I want to share an AI script (JASS) which I made for my current project, which you can find on my signature. The script is used on the second map for the Alliance Naval Base forces. Why could it be interesting? I add a behaviour to command the AI to stop producing a...
  3. InSaNe_97

    [General] JASS, I need help for simple AI.

    Greetings. I am learning JASS so I need a bit of help. I am asking public to make Me a simple AI in JASS. That way I will be able to much easier understand things and finish My map. AI: 1. B and A in 180 r. while B is running "2" |then| Order B to attack A for 2s *. 2. B and C in 140 r. |then|...
  4. BalanceDruid7

    How do I turn off AI targeting

    AI targets the lowest attacking enemy in range. How do I turn it off? Trigger "Malee Game - Run malee AI scripts" doesn't help. Don't see anything in AI Editor either. Any ideas?
  5. jk4t63p4f


  6. Joe S

    [Aeon of Strife] Two Lane City Defence

    Welcome to my first map :) It's an AoS style map. The shamans of the Blackrock clan have spoken. The orcs hunger for vengeance for the loss of their brothers at Strahnbrad. They set up camp at both sides of the important city and are ready to launch the invasion. Up to 4 players take over the...
  7. The_Spellweaver

    [Hero Survival, AI, Demon] The Exiled Ones

    I started working on this recently, after posting a rough idea in Idea Factory forum. There's a lot of relevant data in users' comments so I will post the summary of the map below. The map will be heavy on AI, and is mostly about few-11 players doing their best against such AI which will react...
  8. Mandriel

    How to make Computer use Custom skills?

    How do I make the AI use custom skills for both units and heroes?
  9. Mandriel

    AI Workers won't enter gold mines

    I am making a map with Custom races, one of them is Naga. I altered the Night Elves to make them. However the Night Elf workers; the wisps, can't use a gold mine before it's entangled. The Mur'gul Slaves can. But since I have basically only altered the Wisp's model file to the Mur'gul Slaves the...
  10. ElderTreant

    How to disable AI reinforcement

    Hi guys, I have just known AMAI and I very enjoyed it. With this amazing tool, I can custom AI strategies and AI behaviors. Now I have my own Warcraft AI battle. One thing still annoying from the original is AI reinforcement. When the AI fail a battle, they will send their troop to that...
  11. Homor

    Recruiting AI programmer for Scarlet Crusade Map

    Hi all. I'm here because I need some help from a kind person. I'm the author of "Scarlet Crusade: The Finest Hour." It's a map I'm really proud of, but the one thing I've never been happy with is the lack of enemy AI. I can't do AI for shit, and it would be great if someone would help up setting...