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  1. xorkatoss

    [JASS] Add Buff Function

    WARNING! Beginner JASSer alert! So with that out of the way, I'm trying to make a bunch of jass functions to use in conjunction with GUI and "AddBuff" is one of them. So my method works BUT I wanted to get some opinions from more advanced users IF there's a faster/better way to execute...
  2. The_Warchief

    A Few Dissipates

    So I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Retera's, particularly when working with Reforged models. While I know how to rig a simple dissipate anim in Magos with classic models, I can't seem to figure out a similar method for Reforged. If someone who is a little more savvy with these...
  3. Yours Truly

    [SOLVED] Add some fire to this icon.

    Hello there. I'm having a hard time editing this icon. I'd like to add some fiery effect to the eyes, but the result is a bit pixelated. I would appreciate if someone could add in the effects to the icon. Help will be credited. In case you're more comfortable without the pre-existing fire...
  4. Cryze666

    adding abilities to items by trigger

    with the latest patches we got a lot of new functions to use, one of them is "Item - For Item: X, Add Ability: Y" yet when try this the item stays empty - i'm only adding item abilities, the item has no abilities on default, yet when i add the +1 strength item ability and pick up the item i get...
  5. jj84

    Add a weapon (with model editor)

    how to add a weapon to a model with model editor? Please a tutorial with images.
  6. jj84

    Gold bag

    Someone can add peon gold bag for original wc3 blood elf and high elf worker. More explanation: 1.remove blood elf and high elf worker gold bags. 2.add peon gold bag to blood elf and high elf worker.
  7. Diegoit

    Add charges

    I have a potion with 5 charges, i take another potion of the same type with 3 charges now the carried potion is removed and my potion now have 8 charges. Please help and thanks.
  8. CroMoX

    Possible to add damage range to items?

    Hey guys, just wondering if it is possible to add damage range to an item, and if so how it can be achieved? So say I pick up a sword related item (my current attack is 2-4), and the sword gives 2-4 damage range, making my attack (4-8).
  9. Jamin8r

    How to add the Burrow animation?

    Ok, let me describe my map. It's a melee map and most undead ground units have the sacrifice ability to morph into another creature --> Banshees become Poltergeists, Necros become Revenants, Crypt Fiends become Nerubian Fiends, etc. Everything is good to go for the undead except for one little...