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  1. OverClocked

    Heal Event for GUI, version

    I have a problem with this. I wish it could detect when I set the max health of a unit so it wont proc as a heal. For example, I don't want mountain king's avatar to show the +500 when used. How do I detect it?
  2. OverClocked

    Arcing Floating Text

    What if i want the floating text to display only to a specific player? How do I adjust it so it doesn't desync?
  3. OverClocked

    Damage Engine

    Yes, although I doubt it's because of the new version.
  4. OverClocked

    Damage Engine

    Is it possible to make the damage engine ignore specific players? Cause I have a map with a lot of mobs and I think the damage engine is causing some lag. So I want to have that computer player ignored by it.
  5. OverClocked

    UI Utils v1.05

    How would I make it so that it's exactly the same as it was normally? What are the default values? Sorry, I'm not well versed in jass.
  6. OverClocked

    UI Utils v1.05

    Chat doesn't seem visible with this on. How can I turn it on?
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    [Trigger] Set the text Language of a Map?

    Basically, I have a map that uses this hotkey system that's based off strings. And after testing multiple times I've discovered that the map desyncs for players that use a non-english text version of the game. (my triggers check ability names and compares them) And I'm sure that's what...
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    [Solved] Increase the size of icons in multiboards?

    So how would I go about making a multiboard based on UI natives? how advanced is this
  9. OverClocked

    [Solved] Increase the size of icons in multiboards?

    Do you guys know if its possible to increase the size of icons in multiboards because 16x16 seems a bit too small for me. Maybe there's a jass function that can do that or maybe you can change that in the gameplay constants?
  10. OverClocked

    Damage Engine

    i think the new wc3 patch broke your scripts
  11. OverClocked

    Holy War: Anniversary 1.32a

    Unbearable to play after the first 10 levels with 5-0 fps otherwise cool concept
  12. OverClocked

    [General] GetLocalPlayer() for transmissions/sounds

    yes but will the sound play only for that player?
  13. OverClocked

    [General] GetLocalPlayer() for transmissions/sounds

    Hi, i've been wondering whether it's possible to create a transmission for a single player, along with the sound that plays from it without desyncing when using GetLocalPlayer().
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    War of the Ring AOS v8.7

    Map looks great but the balancing is terrible.
  15. OverClocked

    Villager Kazotsky Kick Dance

    more pls
  16. OverClocked

    Custom UI Icon Desync

    Thanks! One last thing, does moving the frame call BlzFrameSetAbsPoint(BlzGetFrameByName("VitalityFrame", 0), FRAMEPOINT_CENTER, 0.07, 0.189) for a specific player cause a desync? Cause i want to have multiple of those frames for different abilities and not have the icons overlap.
  17. OverClocked

    Custom UI Icon Desync

    Sorry i'm not very fluent in JASS, can i get an example of how you would hide the frame and then show it? Which code should i change?
  18. OverClocked

    Custom UI Icon Desync

    So i have this function and this trigger: and the idea is when the spell is cast to give the hero 1500 hp and show the player an icon at the bottom left with the description showing when you hover over it. And it works. But when i tested with players we all desynced. Does anyone know...
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    I both like and hate your maps

    I both like and hate your maps
  20. OverClocked

    Show Quest for a specific Player?

    Basically, i have this trigger that gives you a special passive ability of your choosing and i want to show the description of the ability. Since i don't want it to take up space in the inventory or abilities, i want it to show the description of the ability in the quests section for that...
  21. OverClocked

    League of Heroes Arena 2021 v.2.3H - (Custom AI, Single player, Multiplayer)

    Map's amazing and should be worked more on. Here's a few suggestions to help improve it: Turret's got too low heath making matches feel short. Buff the hp Brawls can be more extensive and more diverse. Since map's only got 2 lanes for 1 player on each, why not add creeping for more options to...
  22. OverClocked

    Can't modify Imported File Properties

    That doesn't really help. I'm trying to replace the whole path of the file so it points to a pre-existing tile in the terrain editor so it gets changed to whatever i've imported
  23. OverClocked

    Can't modify Imported File Properties

    I'm trying to change the path of a imported file but when i click Modify File Properties nothing happens. Does anyone know why this is happening and how i can fix it?
  24. OverClocked

    Need a Model Viewer/ Editor

    Here's another problem i found while trying to import a file. Either nothing happens or i get this message Generally, I think this tool is unfinished and isn't ready to be used properly. Any other suggestions for a Model Editor?
  25. OverClocked

    Need a Model Viewer/ Editor

    I hope you can fix the scaling issue because this is what i get when i run it in .exe I can barely see the text Also i've discovered that when i do run the .jar version i get this The model viewer is not centered, so i can't see the whole model I hope you can fix either of these problems...
  26. OverClocked

    Need a Model Viewer/ Editor

    I see. It does seem to work after showing the error. The reason i chose to open .jar one is because the .exe window appears to be a lot smaller and not correctly sized. I hope that doesn't cause problems I think i found the solution to my problem, thanks.
  27. OverClocked

    Need a Model Viewer/ Editor

    Doesn't work. It keeps giving me this error on startup.
  28. OverClocked

    Need a Model Viewer/ Editor

    Does anybody know a reliable Model Viewer that stays up to date and works with the current patch?
  29. OverClocked

    Retera's Model Studio

    Did you fix the bug the startup bug Drynwhyl had? Because i'm also getting this bug. Know how to fix?
  30. OverClocked

    Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

    A disappointment after a disappointment. Man, blizzard is really starting to sink
  31. OverClocked

    Barrens TD 6.86

  32. OverClocked

    Physical Damage Detection for GUI v1.3.0.0

    it seems to not work properly when i use the variables more than 1 time in the same trigger at the same time
  33. OverClocked

    Battle for Tatooine

    Never thought wc and star wars would be able to merge like this. Amazing job
  34. OverClocked


    Guess I'll be the first here to comment
  35. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    Is it too much to ask for a command which disables air? I know they are a major part of the game but doing that'll allow for a more skilled playability instead of right-click hero with wyrms = win
  36. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    What about siege units like motars and glaive throwers? Air units decimate them all the time. No one uses them
  37. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    I think you should make a mode which disables air units cause they can be a little too scummy at times
  38. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    I just realized that my custom hotkeys prevent me from using yours. They do work once i turn them off. My mistake...
  39. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    Could you make the heroes have the QWER hotkey setup? It would make the game a lot smoother. There are also some custom heroes without any hotkeys at all on their abilities.
  40. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    What's with the dark stalker remaining invisible whilst attacking? I had a game where he attacked me non-stop until i died. I tried running away but he also has a movement speed buff with that ability? You should take a look and see what you can do about that ability cause it seems a little too...
  41. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    I've had more problems with the wall. Sometimes it would shrink so rapidly, giving the players no chance to keep up with it and die from it. I suggest lowering the speed of the wall so you have more of a chance to escape.
  42. OverClocked

    Warcraft Royale v1.30.2

    I feel like the matches are a bit too short. Maybe give players more time before the walls start to shrink?
  43. OverClocked

    Mathog's Arena v1.8a

    Has this map been tested with 2 players?
  44. OverClocked

    Labyrinth of Nightmare (v9.1)

    is this map finished or?
  45. O

    Divided Path (Warcraft 3 Map)

  46. OverClocked

    (24)Madness in the Barrens!

    You should give the middle players an advantage because it's quite unfair to be surrounded by enemies Maybe give them some height advantage
  47. OverClocked

    Divided Path

    Thanks for the advice! I wouldn't have spotted the mistakes if it weren't for your help fixed the tree gaps ramps are now taking up less space removed sight blockers all creeps are now facing one direction I wish i could do more here but that's all the time i had I'll certainly continue...
  48. OverClocked

    Divided Path (Map)

    Divided Path My first, hopefully not last melee map This is a pretty standard one-way map which consists of: 4 green spots 2 red spots 2 orange spots 2 shops 4 gold mines Obviously this isn't a map for the ladder but'll appreciate any feedback on it :>