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  1. Chikenpok29

    Your Spore Creations!

    Hehe, yeah, Spore is wrong on many levels, like how an eight pound duck can kill a thousand pound cat by spitting at it behind a nest. And how they use food to make houses in Tribal stage, but who cares, it's fun, and that's all I need to know
  2. Chikenpok29

    Your Spore Creations!

    Ooh ooh, I wanna try- Here
  3. Chikenpok29


    Doesn't look much like blood, more like a red glow. Try putting the texture on blend.
  4. Chikenpok29


    Looks like they could be useful, a bit simple though.
  5. Chikenpok29


    Looks very nice, considering the quality of the in-game glass texture.
  6. Chikenpok29


    This is just awesome!
  7. Chikenpok29


    I don't really know why, but I like this :)
  8. Chikenpok29


    I don't know why, but I really like this
  9. Chikenpok29

    Ancient Turtle

    Wow, I would have never in my entire life thought of something mildly like this. Seems nice though, might be good as another Night Elf siege unit.
  10. Chikenpok29


    Seems very orc-ey
  11. Chikenpok29


    Yeah, but aside than a lack of shading this looks pretty good. I'm not saying it doesn't need shading though.
  12. Chikenpok29


    I like cheese :) but wouldn't a shield made of cheese be kind of.... terrible in combat?
  13. Chikenpok29

    Selfbuff FX

    Nice, I don't know why this appeals to me, but it does :D 4/5
  14. Chikenpok29


    I loved the model, and I love the icon 5/5
  15. Chikenpok29


    Looks nice n' blue, but where is the stem :?
  16. Chikenpok29


    I agree with Dargoth, I thought this was a frost bolt-ey icon.
  17. Chikenpok29


    The electricity looks like vines, rather than lightning soo 3/5
  18. Chikenpok29


    Ooh, drown. How delightful. And I can't really think of much else to say. 4/5 by the way
  19. Chikenpok29


    I never really liked the ol' orc warlock model, but this is different. 4/5
  20. Chikenpok29

    Barrens Tree

    I will ^_^ Looks nice, like a real Barrens tree, not the palm tree default.
  21. Chikenpok29


    Ooooh, looks nice. Seems more like a watery orb more than a frost orb tho. 4/5
  22. Chikenpok29

    Tauren Hunter_V2

    My main character in WoW is a Tauren hunter, 5/5
  23. Chikenpok29


    Yup, I love Tauren and I love Kodo's, and by those standards I believe this model is awesome.
  24. Chikenpok29


    When I first saw this model I thought "what's with his non-lacking of arm and eye" but then I read through the other comments and realized that this is the wc2 version. Unfortunately I never played wc2, only wc3 and WoW. But anyway, I agree with SerenityInFire about making two versions of him...
  25. Chikenpok29


    Looks really nice, a bit blurry, but nice.
  26. Chikenpok29

    Copper Bow

    I didn't know bows can be made of copper :? Awesome! 4/5
  27. Chikenpok29


    Oooh, generic wooden sword, I likes it 4.5/5
  28. Chikenpok29


    This looks just awesome. I think there really needs to be more icy/crystal type icons around here. But that's just my opinion, you can continue to unroll these awesome icons
  29. Chikenpok29


    Wow, looks nice. I like red things :)
  30. Chikenpok29


    Wow this is.... even more green than the original infernal. And even though I never really liked the whole green-flamey-thingy this skin still looks pretty good.
  31. Chikenpok29

    Arising Light Striike

    It's tiny and yellow.... I like it! 4.75/5
  32. Chikenpok29

    Ket's "Some curtains pack"

    someones gonna get ploymorphed for turning Jaina's robe into curtains. But anyway, these are awesome models 4/5
  33. Chikenpok29


    Looks simple, but useful :D
  34. Chikenpok29

    Tree Variation 1

    Looks very very good compared to the regular trees, I like it :)
  35. Chikenpok29


    I like the way the sail looks, but the starry look doesn't work well on the ship itself in my opinion.
  36. Chikenpok29


    I kinda like how the flag is blurry and orange-ish, but the rest of the ship; not so much
  37. Chikenpok29


    OOOOooohhh! This looks awesome! Flaming, icy, and electric type skins are my favorite! But, despite that, I agree with everyone about the lava cracks needing a little touching-up. Really good skin though.
  38. Chikenpok29


    An awesome skin for an already awesome model! 5/5
  39. Chikenpok29

    Arthas/Nerzhul merge - Lich king Arthas

    Wow- Is the only word I can think of when I see this model! It deserves some sort of giant, gold, reward of some sort!
  40. Chikenpok29


    This is just... Epic! The regular stone golem is too rugged, and this is just awsome!!! 57/5!
  41. Chikenpok29

    Undead Naga Royal Guard (Model)

    It's basically a skin I made for a reason that I cannot remember, but when it was applied to the royal guard model as a skin, there were large white spots all over; so I made it into a model. The skin is about 95% freehand, the only parts I didn't edit are textures for the blades on its weapon...
  42. C

    Undead Naga Royal Guard (Warcraft 3 Model)

  43. C

    Undead Naga Royal Guard (Warcraft 3 Model)

  44. Chikenpok29


    Responses Comments (in order) Umm, thank you...? Yeah, I didn't really think it would really have a lot of use other than a recovery item, possibly from some sort of taco joint. I have no comment on this I agree *sigh* Yes, it is an evil taco. Now that you mention it, it does look...
  45. Chikenpok29


    Seems good, but the disbtn shouldn't have the gray border, otherwise it looks like a regular icon and not a disabled one.
  46. Chikenpok29


    Yes, I like mostly all cursors, the standard ones get boring after a while :/
  47. Chikenpok29


    I love all the new cursors that are turning up. :D But yeah it does need to be a bit bolder.
  48. Chikenpok29


    This is very good, now the Gnolls have more than a few little tents. XD
  49. Chikenpok29

    Skeleton Fire Warior Mage

    This is awesome, I luvs the flamey things :D
  50. C

    BTNTaco (Warcraft 3 Icon)