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  1. NubblePie

    Hello. This is ghost.

    I believe you forgot to change the general form. Anyway, Welcome to THW! I remember my welcomes here....
  2. NubblePie

    What was your Reason to Register?

    I think I wanted more freedom in the site to discuss...stuff.
  3. NubblePie

    Skin Michael Jackson

    I can only skin with ms paint. It would come out recognizable but fugly. Then again, if you read the news last year, it would be a bad idea. Your map would be flamed to "death" because you added him after what happened last year.
  4. NubblePie

    You use Google/wikipedia? Try cuil / cpedia

    It's true. Wikipedia has too many articles to count, and in over 5 languages. I read the MS Office 2003, and it was indeed some marketing crap. "MS Office 2003 comes with an advanced...." Search for smart....Smart does not have the car there anymore and has ads as results. Embarrasingly to you...
  5. NubblePie

    Why AoS?

    You don't have to make it better. It just has to be different, and in some/most cases more rigged. For example, "Naruto Shippuden Ninpou" has worse description, rigged heroes, imbalanced gold, but people play it because....Naruto.
  6. NubblePie

    Favorite Part in you Favorite Film xD

    The favorite part of my favorite movie was the end of Avatar, when i could get up from my sticky movie theater seat after 4 hours.
  7. NubblePie

    Does modern music still make sense?

    This thread is for discussing modern music, and their strange lyrics. They kept it clean until 2009, then everything was just nonsense. Example: "Set the club on fire!" -Pitbull Do you expect to get out?
  8. NubblePie

    Life of Ze undead

    Sadly, maps like this get rejected all the time. You have to make it different by actually working on a different terrain and style than everyone else, who have done nothing but changed the terrain and added units. Personally, you should try starting a map from scratch. That way, your map will...
  9. N

    Raccoon_Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  10. NubblePie

    Raccoon_Portrait (Model)

    As hunters prowl through the forest. stalking their prey...They go home and buy one of these fancy raccoon hats. As beavers were completely extinct in the Warcraft Multiverse, people resorted to raccoon felt to feel "posh" and "like one of them wilderness survivors". Special thanks to...
  11. NubblePie

    Fallout 3 models

    I'm pretty sure that sooner or later, someone will need these. Not just me.
  12. NubblePie

    Fallout 3 models

    I've been working on a multiplayer map based on Fallout 3, but i need some models or at least help looking for an in-game model that looks similar enough. The only animations i need are Stand, Attack, Walk, and Death. It doesn't have to decay. Also, the textures don't have to be a high...
  13. NubblePie

    Revenant Rampage (Map)

    This game is another simple minigame made by me, to pass the time. There is no AI, but is a good multiplayer game with friends. You play as a Death Revenant, forced to destroy its former allies to balance to power in the world. After killing his allies, however, he realized the true cause...
  14. N

    Revenant Rampage (Warcraft 3 Map)

  15. NubblePie

    Warcraft 3 Uther's Return

    I'm no legal map moderator, but I'll have less typos than most of these people. I got to the second mission before being pissed. Good Parts: -The camera at the start of each mission can be reset by scrolling the mouse Bad Parts: -There is NO terrain variety -As other people may have said, Uther...
  16. NubblePie

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Wow, you really helped me.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Wow, you really helped me.
  17. NubblePie

    He's been deleted from most of the hive's sad. I guess he's gone.

    He's been deleted from most of the hive's sad. I guess he's gone.
  18. NubblePie

    Run Villagers Run!

    The epic damage is to instantly kill Archimonde when 5 minutes is out.
  19. NubblePie

    Oh really they do now? That's nice.

    Oh really they do now? That's nice.
  20. NubblePie

    How can i import models in world editor ROC?

    Most people got the battle chest with ROC and the expansion, so it doesn't matter to most. The idea is basically the same. Maybe you should check instead of listening to other people. You can import models into a w3m with the TFT world editor, but not with the ROC one. I'm pretty sure that's it...
  21. NubblePie

    When are you going to upload the pool club in all your model screenshots? I need it to smack...

    When are you going to upload the pool club in all your model screenshots? I need it to smack people with.
  22. NubblePie

    Run Villagers Run! (Map)

    In a city like this, your roles are simple: Villagers: Try to survive the demon's attack. Your villager runs almost twice as fast as the demon, so it will be easy unless you are trapped. Use the holes in the walls to help you. Archimonde: Kill every last one of the purple loving freaks...
  23. N

    Run Villagers Run! (Warcraft 3 Map)

  24. NubblePie

    Warcraft Lands

    Melee CPUs will not use Goblin Shipyards. Screenshots are made in-game by pressing Print Screen on your computer. If it is protected, it is not a melee map and therefore you can screw with it and add the custom races. Even so, the elves are worthless as they're almost like Humans, except most...
  25. NubblePie


    I'm pretty sure that it's like those blood pressure testing things, where you slip your hand in. Anyway, cool model, very original.
  26. NubblePie

    Donut Boy

    I'm not sure ANYONE likes rock flavoured donuts. Yes, "u" after the "o". Canada. Overall good model, might need attack animation. 5/5
  27. NubblePie

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Just too funny.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Just too funny.
  28. NubblePie

    Goblin Blaster

    It's...uhh... not a Shredder if it has blasting hands. Either don't call it a Shredder, or with the sawblade missile it would be a ranged harvester, which is also quite rigged. Overall good model
  29. NubblePie

    My messed up hat.

    There's a problem with my Raccoon Hat model, and if i posted it on the Hive, I would be screwed for life. Here's why: +Rep to anyone who can fix this, because I intend to submit it on this website. Fix as soon as possible please, it's not as hard as other requests.
  30. NubblePie

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) POOH SPILLED HIS HUNNY?

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) POOH SPILLED HIS HUNNY?
  31. NubblePie

    How long before that high poly goblin pees himself of being scared of his own size?

    How long before that high poly goblin pees himself of being scared of his own size?
  32. NubblePie

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Good job

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Good job
  33. NubblePie

    Birth mesh

    I always needed a model like this 'cuz I sucked too much to make it myself. 5/5! In the Model Editor it looks like it's not on the floor.
  34. NubblePie


    Looks like one of those trees from the lion king lulz. 4.5/5
  35. NubblePie

    naruto shippuden

    Your extreme laziness does NOT HELP, go on some other website and don't bitch here.
  36. NubblePie


    Yes. No. Yes. Epic win. 5/5
  37. NubblePie

    Death Knight Child

    This is epic lulz. 5/5
  38. NubblePie

    SupCom Style Tank

    It looks pretty nice and is kinda low size compared to other things of its genre. 5/5! :D
  39. NubblePie

    Lich king beta spells (only one for now :D)

    It's way too easy, and can be made with the Object Editor by ANYONE.
  40. NubblePie

    Meeting Table (straightened, de-webbed) (Model)

    This is the table and chair straightened up. Keywords: Table, chair, table and chair, chair and table, fail
  41. N

    Meeting Table (straightened, de-webbed) (Warcraft 3 Model)

  42. NubblePie

    Chair (straightened, de-webbed)

    The thing is, "Cauldron without Heads" was approved, why not this?
  43. NubblePie

    Table (straightened, de-webbed) (Model)

    Another simple edit for the lazy peoples. Keywords: Table, fail, pie
  44. N

    Table (straightened, de-webbed) (Warcraft 3 Model)

  45. NubblePie

    Chair (straightened, de-webbed) (Model)

    A simple edit for those more lazy. Keywords: Chair, fixed, failure, pie
  46. N

    Chair (straightened, de-webbed) (Warcraft 3 Model)

  47. NubblePie


    Looks like an intergalactic school bus. Also, the turret disappears in the Walk animation.. 4/5
  48. NubblePie


    IS there really a point of having this if there's a very similar one in the mpq?
  49. NubblePie

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Great model/texture use.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Great model/texture use.
  50. Google on the 6th of June.

    Google on the 6th of June.