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  1. Venom

    Underground Maze

    alright thanks for the tip for screenshot and i could think of several things that is wrong. Non-symmetical, most likely not balanced for every player itself. :_: but putting oneself down looks bad eh ? :P
  2. Venom

    Underground Maze

    how do i add screenshots for map uploads? :_: its been a while for me xD
  3. V

    Underground Maze (Warcraft 3 Map)

  4. Venom

    Underground Maze (Map)

    Okay Redoing Description. First its a Melee Map that i made. its meant to be played as either a 2v2 or Free for all match. Up to 4 people. Compared to a Normal blizzard melee map; this map has higher number of creeps. Its a pretty big Map and im not to great at terraining so i gave it a...
  5. Venom

    Metroid Fusion

    Try playing it online once u start the game minimize wc3. and just wait out the sequence.... if that fails idk what to tell u
  6. Venom

    Comment by 'Venom' in media 'Spellthief xD'

    looks kinda creepy xD
  7. Venom


    if i can find wat realm they play on ill ask properly :) *time to make 5 accouts*
  8. Venom

    VariaSuit_MorphTest (Model)

    Varia Suit- Found in Metroid Fusion Credits go to person who made the model edited it for animations and whatnot i do not own it great for anybodys metroid maps
  9. V

    VariaSuit_MorphTest (Warcraft 3 Model)

  10. Venom

    Metroid Fusion

    If your a metroid fan you gotta play this ^_^
  11. V

    Metroid Fusion (Warcraft 3 Map)

  12. Venom

    Metroid Fusion (Map)

    I saw on the maps that there was this game but not the real version This is final version i believe map is fully done Credits - all to the original creators just uploading one of the greatest metroid maps ever to hit Wc3 :) Keywords: Metroid
  13. Venom

    Metroid Models / Samus Aran

    i havent seen any metriod maps.. plus that model is Ikky ^_^ but the skin is nice >_>.
  14. Venom

    Metroid Models / Samus Aran

    I was thinking about metroid game series and Wouldnt it be cool to make a warcraft 3 map out of it... so if you know if any models exist or if anybody that knows how model that would be great ^_^ .
  15. Venom

    Lineage Forever EP 1.1O (Map)

    Lineage Map ^_^ has Several Langagues when you start the game.
  16. V

    Lineage Forever EP 1.1O (Warcraft 3 Map)

  17. Venom

    Update: Webspace

    oh Snap.. this doesnt seem good sinfinite --- good thinking but might not be good plan (-.-)
  18. Venom


    one question WHY Is it nearly naked also the animations list is like the largest i seen in a while... its like supa Long... I dont know wat i would rate it lol :?:
  19. Venom

    Cant figure out how to import my own skin

    First U need The Orginial Path for unit which i dont remember (havent played Wc3 in over 6 months) but u need import get rid of the wc3Imported stuff and at the end .blp like ramza said :arrow:
  20. Venom


    looks like old bits from WC2 :cry:
  21. Venom


    iTs really nice for first skin i can hardly see the details in legs though even if it looks nice :D
  22. Venom


    i swear i dled A Model JUST like this off this site along time ago... with A Modified Fel model... And an Orc Skin... weird... must be me.. :?
  23. Venom

    Elite Snipers DX Edition

    i give credit from the original maker of this Map.
  24. V

    Elite Snipers DX Edition (Warcraft 3 Map)

  25. Venom

    Elite Snipers DX Edition (Map)

  26. Venom

    What Realms/Class/Race u play as?

    I just want know what u guys play on :) i got a couple of Characters... Scout Korrn Level 30 Orc Hunter on Smolderthorne (PVP) ÿoda Level 22 Troll Mage on Smolderthorne (PVP) Seargent Orogoth Level 20 Human Rogue On Frostmorne(PVP) :wink:
  27. Venom

    Tribal Rifleman

    This is pretty good for a first skin -Nice Job :wink:
  28. Venom

    Favourite WoW Race

    I would Pick Orcs Becuse They Tough as nails :Mrgreen: plus They Have alot of choices for Races But Why Warlocks god i though they put that behind them lol.
  29. Venom

    Blizz Faces Lawsuit

    :shock: thats Kinda Retarded.... i bet those Chinese Parents Killed There Kid becuse he had a addiction to the game and they werent feeling teh love :( so They had to KILL there kid and sued the company so they could get some Money on the side Those!!!!! :evil: (BleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeP) ...
  30. Venom


    it looks like a barrel Painted Over Then Spikes coming out But i like it!. Could u make like a Spear like one Less Circular in the middle and more spear like! ??? :mrgreen:
  31. Venom

    New Hosted Project and Other News

    Why Name it UNsung Lengends lol :) By Really What really happens i think in that time is arthas goes mad :) and Everything else inbetween :) *Illdian is out there somewhere*!!!!!!! :twisted:
  32. Venom

    What if we Make a Pandaran Race (The BRown Bear Style)

    What if we made Pandaran Race like Everything from peons to Her0s.! With Like a Different colored one. they Bred With Pandas so they look like pandas but have skin like a Brownish bear.
  33. Venom

    Enfo's Team Survival VM edition

    Well I made a Few Changes that was important like the gold trigger. Also add another Hero . Gl !. Version 1.1:) :wink: Also again Credit took all that made the models and skins.
  34. Venom

    Enfo's Team Survival VM edition (Map)

  35. V

    Enfo's Team Survival VM edition (Warcraft 3 Map)

  36. Venom


    Its pretty Nice BUt all it is a warlock shield with some Of its animations . but Still good:) Would go great if u have a grunt skin!. :wink:
  37. Venom


    The Head in screenshot of the hair with armor doesnt Work well fix tat and i give it a 5/5 right now 4/5! :)
  38. Venom


  39. Venom


    also not being rude u should dont time so fast so we can see the Words correctly and also its not much of a change Its transparent and if u say its face its change wow ---------------- if u can make this ☺ than u in good shape ♫ :!: :!: edit : oh yeah i give it a 3/5 but i not going...
  40. Venom

    how many weeks have it been!

    dont replay...
  41. Venom

    What do u like better WoW or G.W.

    which do u like better i play both but i like wow better! :wink:
  42. Venom

    how many weeks have it been!

    i lost track how many weeks i was gone oh well!. †π▌ *i see Mostly %#*#* stuff... )(
  43. Venom


    This looks Greeat. You should add like a weapon thats not big like a Sharp claw or something to wack at. :twisted:
  44. Venom


    i like what u done to the face and the rest 5/5
  45. Venom


    it looks soo sweet... but u could can the colors so 4/5 :D
  46. Venom


    this is sweet :twisted: . This will look good with my skelton skin . :wink: Keep up the good work with Undead Models!
  47. Venom


    Goby For a First icon this is acturally (Forgive my spelling) Pretty good. could be used as a Fel Orc. Very well done 5/5! :wink:
  48. Venom

    Open RPG Islands ver. Venom 1.2

    i havent fixed all the bugs yet...
  49. V

    PASBTNBash (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  50. Venom

    PASBTNBash (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from Keywords: paladin bash hammer spell