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    Ahn'Quiraj Maps?

    Are there any maps around based on Quiraji, Silithid, Silithus and/or Ahn'Quiraj concepts? I've begun making my own but I'm too lazy to finish it. I've got WoW installed, in case you hesitate to suggest a map using WoW models (meaning I can play them semi-legally).
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    World of Warcraft Model Request Shop

    Heh, sorry for that request. Thanks Dionesiist. I still require the staue form of the Obsidians in Ahn'Quiraj though, I can't find them.
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    World of Warcraft Model Request Shop

    I'd like to request the models for the enemies in Ahn'Quiraj, such as the Obsidians (Both statue and living versions), Anubisath Defenders, any other non-insect mobs or bosses, etc. I'm not interested in insect-like models. I'd be very grateful if you could do this for me.
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    Open Beta Profiles

    Private Information I do not reply to private questions in forum threads. Please PM me for any pruvate information or other questions.
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    Open Beta Profiles

    World of Warcraft Open Beta Information The World of Warcraft Open Beta has not yet obtained a specific date, but will probably take place the 1/2 month/s that come before the release of the game. Just as in the Closed Beta, no Open Beta accounts or characters will be saved into the actual...
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    'bout the trade skills

    World of Warcraft Trade Skills You can learn a maximum of 2 Trade Skills in World of Warcraft. For more information about the Trade Skills, visit
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    Spell Destroyer

    First of all, I must say that I LOVE those cool Glue Screen models that people make avaliable here... but... this one could need some more working on. First, when he stands, it looks like he's floating, his feet kind of move without him actually moving them. Second, he needs a Defen walk and...
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    Interesting. May be very useful for some players. 4/5 for originality, and quite high grades for the simple design and clean interface. Nice work. Rated 4/5 by Daande.
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    Getting World of Warcraft Whatever this person tells any of you by e-mail, it's not true. The only, and I repeat; ONLY way of recieving and being able to play World of Warcraft at the moment is signing up for the Open Beta, which at this time is impossible since the Beta's closed, both the...
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    M1a2 7

    Wow. Looks just like a real one! I don't know what more to say, really. Great work, but it has some minor errors that make it a bit lamer, and it also gets a minus for not being combineable with normal WC3 models. Rated 4,2/5 by Daande.
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    This model is very good. It's original (well, I've seen it before in a gallery, but at least it's never been made as a model), cool, and its animations are really nice. Its lack of portrait means a huge RP loss, and the skin isn't always the best, as it's purple. Also, a Burrow animation would...
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    This model just keeps getting better and better. Right now, it deserves a higher score, but I'm still not completely happy with it...then there is the portrait... :x Rated 3,9/5 by Daande.
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    I don't like this SKIN (not model). It's dirty, weird, and really ugly. It isn't horrifying, so it's not going to be any Undead summonable, but it's so ugly that no other race would want it either. I'd rather kiss a Kobold than using this in any map. Seriously. I think it's badly done, and even...
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    Holy cow, this is good! I bet that hundreds, maybe thousands of WC3 mapmakers have been longing for this! A door model! You can use it inside a building, or even attach it to a structure seen from outside! Great work! This gets an incredibly high RP for its simple design, but mostly for its...
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    Will you be playing?

    Blizzard Game Designer That's right, I do work for Blizzard. I'm a Game Assistant, meaning I help testing new games, such as World of Warcraft, I report bugs, I also help spreading a bit of information about the game on various forums, and also work in the suggestion council where you bring up...
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    Brilliant! How smart to use the Avatar skin. Lovely doodad, will most probably work splendidly for lots of map makers doing cities. Only let-down is the pose. You should've used another animation, where he points his hammer up in the air or something. Here he just seems like he was kind of...
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    Very nice doodad. It's simple and clean, and I guess it does its work. A death animation would be great, like when Frostmourne is retrieved, so that the stone would break and the sword fly up into the air and maybe down on the ground. Due to its lack of death animation, it loses a bit of RP...
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    Dragon Slayer

    I can't really say much about this model. It's a Blood Elf Swordsman, holding Frostmourne and an updated shield. I don't like it, I don't like the cut-n-paste, and I don't like some colours. It might come in handy to some though, so I'll be fair in my judgement. Rated 3/5 by Daande.
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    question bout the hunter

    World of Warcraft Hunter Information I have already told you what there is to know about the pet/mounting pets part. As to your second question, if you ride your Mount, your pet will currently be dismissed. Therefore, you can not ride for example a Nightsaber panther while having your pet Tiger...
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    Which race would you like to see become playable in WoW?

    Events after the Frozen Throne... If you are interested in the events that came after the Frozen Throne, you should buy some Blizzard Warcraft novels and such. If you're concerned about Illidan's safety, I can tell you that he survived though. He didn't die from Arthas attack, since the...
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    question bout the hunter

    World of Warcraft Hunter Information As a Hunter, you can, indeed, capture a beast of your own, use it in battle and train it. However, you can not use your Hunter catched pets as Mounts, meaning capturing a Tiger would not allowing you to actualy ride it. Nothing is decided as to if this...
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    Which race would you like to see become playable in WoW?

    Drenai & Fel Orcs The Drenai and Fel Orc are ancient rivals, and will not easily let down their guard in front of eachother. The Fel Orcs are forced to obey Illidan, but they would hardly actually ally with the Drenai. The Fel Orc race has over the centuries almost hunt the Drenai to...
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    Which race would you like to see become playable in WoW?

    The Allied Secondary Races Here comes some information about the appearently most popular secondary races in World of Warcraft: - Naga, allied with the Blood Elves and Drenai. Possibly commanders of the Fel Orcs, but not exactly allies. Are especially hostile against Night Elves. Hostile to...
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    Havoc animated

    Great model! There isn't much to say about it really, except that it looks cool! It doesn't have a lot of animations, but I mean, it's a helicopter, what can it do except flying? :P Anyways, the windows that are in the middle of the cocpit look bad without the textures of the other windows, and...
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    if u want more WoW info come here

    World of Warcraft Sites The Official World of Warcraft Website is most probably one of the best World of Warcraft sites. Although, it doesn't contain much multimedia, and you can only post in the forums if you're part of the Beta. World of Warcraft Network is also a good site, with lots of...
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    WoW models in warcraft TFT

    Just a reminder, World of Warcraft graphics are copyrighted, so if you "steal" any World of Warcraft models, you could have to go into some kind of legal process, like a considerable fee. Second, as someone else pointed out, the World of Warcraft models and graphics use different extentions and...
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    Will you be playing?

    World of Warcraft Monthly Fee There will be a monthly fee for playing World of Warcraft, after the standard one-time game cost. Blizzard is currently discussing about the particular price, but it will probably be something between 6 and 16 dollars per month. If you go on holidays, you don't...
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    Sub classes?

    World of Warcraft Hero Classes World of Warcraft is going to feature Hero classes. Right now, Blizzard is discussing how these will work. The most probable conclusion is that at a certain level (most probably 40-50), players can find a certain NPC (for a Night Elf Hunter it would be a Demon...
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    I will rate this model as if it was a finished (and skinned) model. I think the idea itself is cool, and the body itself just plain rocks (Paladin + Helmet?). The problem lies in the wings, sure, they look cool on the Resurrection angel, but, instead of just cnp them, you should skin them...
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    The first thing you always have to ask yourself when you see a model is "Will I use this one?". This time, the answer isn't always positive. I mean, sure, a male archer, great, BUT, it has some really big errors...for example, the arrows look very bad, and his face looks just plain retarded...
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    I don't really like this model. It looks cool,'s like a trio of shoe boxes with some attached match boxes...this really needs a LOT of texturing before it's worth importing to any map...but, the model itself is quite acceptable, I suppose... Rated 3/5 by Daande.
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    Oh my god. That's all I can say, really. It looks and works great. I'm not really sure what to say about it. This is a lovely piece of art and even though it's not combinable with any standard race (-0,2) and the animations could be a bit better (-0,1), it really rocks. Only thing is that the...
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    Can't play the Campaign! Please help!

    I have a horrible error in my game/computer/file... :cry: I start watching the ROTD cinematic and I think "Wow, this rocks."... Then, I click on the first Mission, and...the screen goes black. I have to press Alt+F4! :cry: I know that since I downloaded that mod... Tales of Ravignation or...
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    This model has its bad sides. The head is too small, one arm looks bigger than the other, and in-game it looks just plain weird. Also, it really looks like an Orc modeling abomination, like it's been sewn and stitched together from different models. Really, I can't find any bigger point with...
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    This is a very nice doodad. It makes a perfect addition to any indoor WC3 environment, and it can also be used as a sign for something like a weapon shop. It gets a bonus for actually looking good from both sides! This gives more variety. Rated 4/5 by Daande. Bonus rating of 1/5 by Daande...
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    Beautiful. A great alternative to the old Stairs. It makes a majestic piece of furniture ( :lol: ) in every Sunken Ruins Tileset map, wheather used as a part of the ruins or of a palace. Great work. Rated 4/5 by Daande.
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    Working pizza1

    Simple and Clean. It's quite well-done, and I must admit that I feel a certain love for it, but I just can't imagine any serious WC3 Player using it... I'll give it a 3/5 for originality and design. Rated 3/5 of the pro rater Daande. :lol:
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    If you wanna pee in your pants...

    Lol! Nice pic! I bet you killed the poor peons afterwards... :cry: *Demonstrates against peon killing*
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    *Using new, wierd term* Completely... excuisite (is that with q?). Of course, I can only do something with it together with the Campaign Orc and maybe the Raptor or something...since, as someone said; the model´s so damn good that the other models look cheap and bad! 4/5
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    Nazi and Naked stuff is not permitted

    I´ve been watching (and downloaded from ^^') this site for a few weeks, but I haven´t posted until now. Thank you for making this rule. :roll: As someone posted above me, no religious, national or in any other way offensive material or elements in uploaded objects should be on this...