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    Second skin :)

    remember you can never have to many shadows :) that's the best way to REALLY bring a skin to life. highlights and shadows
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    Virus in Colormanager

    my roomates comp got a virii from this site, but he uses explorer, I use Mozilla and havn't had a prob.
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    And the winner is....

    Congrats Sundance :) Good Job!
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    Changing the Portrait

    not every unit does that though, for instance the NE archer doesn't change, and thier was another I forget, but the real question is where is it pulling that other skin from?
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    just as good, always remember until you learn code you are at the mercey of the program.
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    *cough* Mozilla *cough*
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    oh surely he didn't really mean suicide. oh but I did find 3 of the skins from people I let see them!
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    find a web development program like dreamweaver, play around with it making little stuff at first, like image gallery's and stuff, you can switch views with those progs which allows you to see what you do change the html. that's how I learned then once you know html start with cgi, CSS, java...
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    I wish I wish it were that easy :( but it's all gone, I mean I might aswell use it as a large paper weight or rediculasly large key-chain. hahaha
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    hey guys just got my comp up and running again!! just thought I would y'know express my love for it. but anyhow, I lost like 6 skins I was working on when the HD crashed :( sad day. but we press on. I just hope I find my photoshop CD O_o anyhow. yeah.
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    Favorite Tv show / Anime / Movie

    TV: Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy. Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lain MOvie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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    Another Nuub Story

    bah hahahaha
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    units under bridge

    oh ofcurse why didn't I think of asking blizzard personally *smakc head* After all I mean we are on such close speaking terms haha. I WISH we could get them or some1 ro model a version of it you can go under.
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    Battle Net !

    I go by ArcherOfLoaf and prob my fav maps to play are AOS and regular melee combat, though I don't normally play on the ladder.
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    8) awesome
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    excellent game people!!! 5/5 from me, throwing people with psi powers is awesome alone, but the game play is fun, and the graphics are wonderful, plus it's got some story! rent it, buy it, love it. plus you get to move your mind through objects like doors and such, great for getting the drop on...
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    Audio Section

    I would make/have sounds I can upload. maybe some1 would like to make a audio site :twisted:
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    If we didnt change the ISP and server....

    damn, now that's impressive. congrats!
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    A Humble Noob Requires Assistance

    yeah, all the art and such in the WE is all in the mpq and what not, everything you import into the map skin wise can't be edited there like your thinking. it's all paths, be sure and use the "List View" to find the paths
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    Funny Bug in WE

    yeah hah, it's fine on all of mystuff. WEIRD maybe your just so dark that you corrupted the WE haha
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    A Humble Noob Requires Assistance

    it's nothing more than the import manager.
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    Funny Bug in WE

    wow haha that's crazy, I have never heard of that. have you tested ingame? or just in WE?
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    units under bridge

    hah yeah, I'd love to figure this out, it could bring a whole new aspect to my map design. maybe with a model edit, but surely thier is an easier way, if I recall the bridge I saw units moving under was above a gate, the only thing was it was kind of glitchy when you moved units across it. but...
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    What do YOU fear?

    hahah, I'd prob get pretty pissed after reading that kinda stuff all day
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    Audio Section

    I really think that's an awesome idea! I hope darky thinks about it
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    A Humble Noob Requires Assistance

    yes it does, I use photoshop, you must be doing something wrong, dooo you have it layered? what you do is open the targa in the image viewer, after you have saved it in photoshop then resave it in the viewer as a .blp then import to map, make sure your saving the right format.
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    A Humble Noob Requires Assistance

    it's pretty easy, just extract the .blp/targa from the War3.mpq or War3x.mpq, you extract these files useing Wc3 Image Extractor. then edit it in photoshop. if you are having troubles with the alpha stuff, you have to get the targa plug-in on the adobe site.
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    I Need Alpha Channel Help (Photoshop)

    I would love to help but I don't know anything about paint shop pro. I have never used it. there was a tutorial on this site for skinning in paint shop, I thought anyhow, maybe they moved it.
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    Warcraft II character models

    I have to agree with that for sure, solo style is fail safe. and most people are all talk anyhow.
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    units under bridge

    the problem is. it looks like it's hollow under but it's one large doodad so it blocks the path... I was useing triggers, I saw a Gondor map once where they had units moving freely under one. I was thinking maybe, turning it into a flying doodad.... is that possible?
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    What do YOU fear?

    do I count? as in... can I be my own worst fear?
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    Favorite Unit

    fav hero: keeper, orrrrr demon hunter and prob my fav unit issss, dott orrr archers
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    Spectrum Warrior

    Yeah it's really hard haha but it's prob the most realistic war game sim I have played. it's a good buy/steal whatever you do.
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    Getting javascript errors on the adds

    MOZILLA :) and I didn't have to worry about it at all
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    units under bridge

    hey guys, how do I make a bridge capable of allowing units to walk under them? I made an easy teleportation zone so it looks like it but I have seen other make bridges like I would like mine to be. any idea?
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    Favorite Animal!!

    cabbit hands down. that or a mogwai.
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    I Need Alpha Channel Help (Photoshop) go there, they will tell you, though it's very simple
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    Darky/ Staff: Sumbiting other's work

    we can't see those, you need to copy the URL from the one on the actual page
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    Spectrum Warrior

    hey all, just thought I would let you know that Full Spectrum Warrior is a good buy, I got it and I have to say it's pretty damn stratigic. and there. I am done, go about your day. but the game gets 2 thumbs up from me.
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    I Need Help Naming Skins in import mng.

    no problem, you have to make the path the exact one that the ORIGINAL skin is, if it's Textures\footman.blp then don't name the path Textures\footman2.blp, if you do it that way the importer trys to assign the skin to a model that doesn't exist on this plan of reality. SO in summation, just name...
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    this site

    yeah since I found this site, I visit it a couple times a day and it's just amazing for getting your work out there for the world to use.
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    what about this?

    a vote of 1 star really dose nothing in the big pic, if you get 5 votes and 4 are 5 stars and 1 is a 1 star, then your score will be like 4.73 and that is good enough for #1 anyhow, But my whole point was just that it really doesn't matter what one person votes, if your spell or map or skin, so...
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    Changing Forum Colors

    personally I like it the way it is, I can see it, and it's consistant and clean. and things make since where they are. maybe a couple of diffrent themes. like just diffrent color arangments and stuff?
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    Warcraft 3 - In-Game Voices?

    you want the sound clip of the demonic Illidan?I don't really know, but I think that's a great question to ask
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    Downloading shopping cart please.

    in theroy it's not a bad idea, we actually talked about it acouple of posts ago, BUT think about the file names to, you'd be writing over the same blp many times in some cases
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    Changing Forum Colors

    well I have noticed on my roomates flatscreen that the site is dark and can't be read in the campaigns theme. so try changeing the theme that helped his comp
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    Macintosh Skining

    Macs don't suck, I don't use one, but they are supperior graphic editing machines. plus did you know that mac users are 86% more likly to build thier own website compaired to PC users? think about it.
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    Convert TO BLP ?

    well it can't load bmps, it loads TARGA's, the image extractor can load a targa and save it as a blp.
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    Adding Textures to Terrain

    it's JUST SKINNING!!!!! I don't get what the problem is export it, edit it, import it. BAM done, if you can not see it, it's because of something you did to it while editing or the path isn't right or you've alpha'd it
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    Favorite food

    deep fried heaven