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  1. cHeRoL

    Village Stronghold - Singleplayer Defense

    Interesting,do Stronghold Crusader or Stronghold 2 inspired you :) ?
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    Ally/War System 1.3

    Your welcome :).
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    Nice texture. 5/5
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    Vega is here!

    Welcome to Hive. Enjoy your stay!
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    Earn Money with Neobux

    Hi everyone,let me introduce you Neobux where you can multiply your earning just by viewing advertisements. As a member you can earn simply by viewing all the advertisements they display. Main benefits - Effortless income - Earn from home - Guaranteed ads daily - Detailed statistics -...
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    Useful model :). Thanks.
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    Very good. I really like the models. Keep it up,bro :).
  8. cHeRoL

    High elven Sorcerer

    This model can be use also as a king.
  9. cHeRoL

    Zephyr Challenge #6 - Poll

    dune worm ftw
  10. cHeRoL

    [Trigger] Adding ability

    Thanks ;)
  11. cHeRoL

    [Trigger] Adding ability

    Hello :cute: I am trying to figure out some simple trigger but it seems I can't. All I want to do is the following actions: Player 1 types a chat message containing "word" then Add cheat ability to player's 1 heroe.
  12. cHeRoL

    [Trigger] Drop Item Problem

    I was talking about an item drop system that I have had. ap0calypse,thank you for helping me,your trigger is working.If I will get problems about it I will contact you:).
  13. cHeRoL

    [Trigger] Drop Item Problem

    I'll try your trigger. But there is a little problem,I have a save/load system. I had tried many item drop systems but when I load my character,that item that was in the item drop system never loads. So I must find another system.
  14. cHeRoL

    [Trigger] Drop Item Problem

    Replace Ak47 Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Ak-47 Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Item-type of (Item carried by (Hero manipulating item) in slot 1))...
  15. cHeRoL

    GUI-Friendly Damage Detection v1.2.1

    You should use Floating Texts instead of Game - Display to all. And the texts to be shown above damage delear's head.
  16. cHeRoL

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
  17. cHeRoL

    Suited Worgen

    Michael Jackson cool
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    Ally/War System 1.3

    O_O I am not a master of triggers and I won't do those things from that list because I don't have enough experience.
  19. cHeRoL

    Ally/War System 1.3

    Oke,don't rush :)
  20. cHeRoL

    Hp Bar.

    Game - Enable pre-selection functionality (Disable pre-selection circles, life bars, and object info) Works,thanks :).
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    Ally/War System 1.3

    Please tell me if you know :)
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    Hp Bar.

    I'm gonna try it.
  23. cHeRoL

    Hp Bar.

    Hi! I want to know how can I hide the HP Bar above unit's head? I want to block it as hidden,if someone enable the "Shot hp" from War3 Options.
  24. cHeRoL

    What you did today v1.0

    I read a little bit. Played some war3
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    Ally/War System 1.3

    There is a way but this system does not support it. System UPDATED!
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    Salutare !

    Salutare !
  27. cHeRoL

    Romanian Olympics

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    I am glad to see that you're using my River Items system :).

    I am glad to see that you're using my River Items system :).
  29. cHeRoL

    Item System v1.6

    Good and usefull.
  30. cHeRoL

    cHeRoL's Riddle Adventure

    The answer at question 7 is "-1" Because 1 equal to 6 and of course 6 equal to 1. Btw,I finished the map in just 4 hours and the terrain will be changed on next versions plus more riddles. I will edit the map and going to change the terrain,I'll add more hints and a better description.
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    Good job,enjoy! 5/5
  32. cHeRoL

    The_Flood's CameraSystem V2d

    It's the best for me. I tried many camera systems but when I tried to load the game (save/load) the camera was going crazy O_O. Now,all I have to do is just to click the hero :).
  33. cHeRoL


    Hmm...the red colour looks like the blood's. And ,aren't santa's helpers green? :)
  34. cHeRoL

    Fat Pine tree

    It appears completly white in the editor and ingame is just a shadow.
  35. cHeRoL

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) camera system

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) camera system
  36. cHeRoL

    The_Flood's CameraSystem V2d

    The best camera system I've ever seen. 5/5 +rep
  37. cHeRoL

    [Trigger] Problem

    Problem please help Hello! I am using a locked camera system and a save/load system. When I load the character,my camera stucks at center of playable map area. Is there a way to change the camera when I load the character and run the lock camera system again? Camera Triggers SetCamera...
  38. cHeRoL


    It gives me an error set udg_CG_HeroType=Hero.getIntPos(GetUnitTypeId(udg_test_hero))
  39. cHeRoL

    MiddleWay Battle

    Thank you. Theo is also helping me,leave a comment on this thread when you have freetime :).
  40. cHeRoL

    Damage Engine v0.A.2

    Well done !
  41. cHeRoL

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Btanks

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Btanks
  42. cHeRoL

    Battle Tanks 9.11

    Cool map. 5/5 + rep
  43. cHeRoL

    MUI Advanced Equipment System (+Save/Load +Event)

    An excelent equipment system. 5/5
  44. cHeRoL

    Which one Looks The BEST ???

    4th OWNS !!! Its awesome!
  45. cHeRoL

    MiddleWay Battle

    Thank you Theo for modifying terrain. I am working at heroe's abilities and I hope I'll finish them soon :). I took also some screenshots and I'll upload them as soon as possible.
  46. cHeRoL

    Ally/War System 1.3

    Hmmm....dunno,can you be more explicit,please?
  47. cHeRoL

    River Items 1.10

    Thank you !
  48. cHeRoL

    Leoric the Skeleton King (Diablo 1 version)

    Epic model. 5/5
  49. cHeRoL


    Nicely done :) 5/5
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    It looks very nice in this picture :)