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    Xivin's Stronghold Ri'zikkar 1.1a (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Xivin's Stronghold Ri'zikkar 1.1a (Map)

    Lageron Doom Presents Xivin's Stronghold Ri'zikkar Well I said that i was coming up with a campaign, or maybe not. I was adviced to make a map and get feedback to know if i should make many cinematics or a campaign. So Well. That is the point with this map. P.S:need AI, and a Map preview...
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    World of Warcraft Reanimated 4.0

    well, ive had this, i know i have reanimated from before, and a new ive had in 0,5 year named revived where it stood (and im sure this is the last update of this map)... So i dont know whats new or not...
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    as ive mentioned many times before (i think) its a trailer for coming campaign im working on. When its released i dont know. But that it is a trailer is the reason i uploaded this map. And i know the grass covers Maiev, noob mistake... and the camera angles are still being fixed. but i take it...
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    World of Warcraft Reanimated 4.0

    Ive had this map before it was uploaded, but you may would change it to the newest of it...
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    its a way with words you can say...
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    Well, also Stormrage is a family as everybody know, but im not sure if furion or illidans ancestors where known, neither if they have any close family like a cousin... And thats where Xivin the corrupted "forefather" to the stormrage brothers come in... I just wanted to get that out like you...
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    Are you happy? Ive done the most of those things said... :goblin_boom:
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    Ok, thx for watching Edit: I did mention Sellenisko in the end. But still, im from norway, dont expect me to know how to talk english so good as you.
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    I dont know how to get custom preview image, i promise to do both, but please, dont reject it...:ogre_haosis: And by the way, please watch it before you say bad about it please-.
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D

    Feel free to give comments.
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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    A crossed meeting v.1.0.D (Map)

    STORMRAGES DARKEST SHEEP XIVIN! BY LAGERON DOOM Ten thousand years have nearly passed. The destruction wrought by the Burning Legion remains only as a fairy tale to most. And the thought of Illidan Stormrage, the polar opposite of Malfurion Stormrage, remains only as a glimmer to...
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    Azeroth Wars LR 1.67b

    Kobolds? I mean that it whould fit more with peons that are Light or Dark blue depending on how strong they are. Its just what i do say, you don't need to listen. But i think its a better choice of models. :goblin_yeah:
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    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    and good is that :)
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    Battle of Northrend

    Well, the first thing is, i am working on a version 2. The terrain is filled with freezed bodies of humans and dwarves, And trees are placed... The reason that Medivh don't die, is that the lords of time "manipulated" the time and its like he never died. Medivh knew that it won't work to...
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    Battle of Northrend

    Well, Im just happy, that you gave it a chance, and well, I can change a bit and improve the Map... With maybe some trees... Graves... And more... And Thanks for downloading it :) And im happy i did set up the version text :)
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    Battle of Northrend

    but its no reason to reject it :( ... I have searched the web for high Quality Models...
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    Battle of Northrend

    Why? :ogre_icwydt:
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    Battle of Northrend

    I hopes someone get use for this Map.... And please Comment...
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    Battle of Northrend (Map)

    Three days with hard work, I have used some REAL wow models from XGM. Story: Arthas the Lich King are near the Howling fjord. Scouting after enemy forces like dwarves and humans. But after the long walk, he discovers that weird things starts. Keywords: Arthas, Lich King, Lageron Doom...
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    Battle of Northrend (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    A bit late to tell me :P but :vw_death: Just try you forward ;) Cuz the instance is a part of the Map ;)
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    NICE ONE! 5/5 and whould give rep if i could ;)
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    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    Im still a bit confused, i still not know how to get into anyone of those instances, i been waiting for "ages" to meet those dwarfs, i still want to fight them... Have you fixed that problem you get rep from me and a 5/5... I JUST WANT TO KILL THOSE DWARVES FROM HE||! And i downloaded all the...
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    world of warcraft v 1.11

    Its a bit bad map, i mean... WTF? You can't even see The spirit of Uther, he is shadowmelding, and... You spelled Spirit of Uther wrong, im a boy from norway and can spell it right, Upgrade your map sometimes, check the tutorials (Im not sure if i spelled right) in this web site. In point is...
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    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    Im completly agree... Why can't we face the dwarfs in theyr base and furbolgs? That is one thing that is Boooring that you can't... Without it, it are a bit boring but the map is good. so i give a 3,5/5 :goblin_good_job: :ogre_datass: :fp: :ogre_icwydt:
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    You need to go to the Triggers, then add the aquire items, then on condition, you add first the (any of condition are true) And add the the item-type, and makes the ( item of last created item equal to (Item) ) Into (Item of item being manupilated equal to (Item) with all the items...
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    Dungeon Keeper II Carved Wall

    FINALY! Somebody else that plays dungeon keeper! That type of players is rare!
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    Villager Draenei

    Nice one, so whats your next project?
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    It is cool, im not sure if he could have armor, but i guess not, one of the best things with villager models is that they could wear armor and weapons, so my advice IF is that he learns to suit an armor.But 3/5, and another advice, is to make an skeleton villager. ;)
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    Thx so much!
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    yeah, or the pedestal "Eye of Sargeras" stands on when illidan is in dalaran ruins.
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    I need an simple thing, a pedestal, like where frostmourne used to stand on. Nothing shall be on it though. Like i could put something on it.
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    Tutorial - Blood, Sweat and ice

    but you may fix it though, and if you need help, you may ask someone, you may take the camera forward a little bit and then delete the size thing :) but its bad that the map is gone...
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    Villager Troll2.0

    im agree, but i like it, i whould like to see if you could make female villager models, i give you 4/5
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    Need Helmet Model

    Thx, but i still need those models, so i can wait for that, And Chilla Killa, I don't understand what the Chaos Marauder Helmet has with this.
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    Need Helmet Model

    I needs a model for some icons on the hive, like Cuz i need some helmet models with icons that fits in my map. I hope that i may get help from Kitabakte, and Sunchips, cuz theyre good at things like this.
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    Azeroth Wars LR 1.67b

    for a half year ago, did i start with these maps in duplomunion, My older bro did hate it, but when i got him to play it, did he fall in love in it, and i wants to congratulate you with joining the Hive Workshop
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    Boars Dire and Pale

    Your pigs are amazing! But, may you make some boars that are not so fat.Kuz in wow do they look as quillbeasts or boars, just theyr not ranged.But im are enabled to edit the boars so i can fix it my self, but i want your permisson.
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    Villager Man

    i uses it in my map for 2 assasins that is in a bandit group named blackhand, but his mouth i totally filled with the black colour...But may you please change that into a villager mouth, i will give you 4,5/5. but if you fix his mouth, i give you 5/5 + rep!
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    Woman Vilager

    well, as when i wrote my comment for some months ago.I discovered that she don't need bigger ____( . Y . ) ...Cause if she has, she could not wear armor and please, do as i suggested.You and .KC could do as the best team of villager model creators... Waiting for answer...
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    May you make one with the villager 2 skin????Cause, i need one to my map, one in the villager skin 1 and 2...
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    Crown Boots

    COOL!!!May you make more boots? Like boots of speed and things like that?
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    Sargeras (New)

    Its an nice model, i will give it 5/5, but you may add some weapon spawn effect, like if he uses his stand ready anim does his bastard sword spawn in his hand.You don't need to listen to that, but it is an good idea.
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    Ok, you had right, They have tusks, Or just big teeth on his under lip
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    Well, im going to check at world editor now, Reports back soon...
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