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  1. Shaeam

    Unable to rename things in Sound Editor without getting a VJASS error?

    Whenever I add a sound/music in Warcraft III's sound editor and attempt to rename it for the sake of organization I'm greeted with this lovely syntax error: Now bear in mind, the screenshot is from a map with absolutely no custom triggers (I isolated the issue to a fresh map to see if that...
  2. Shaeam

    Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA]

    I've found out how to tie this system very rudimentary to GUI, which is what I'm most comfortable/familiar with. One thing that I'm not able to solve though, and I feel silly for it: using the Q example (Firebolt) I've been trying to figure out how to get it to travel towards the targeted area...
  3. Shaeam

    Talent Jui

    This is an absolutely fantastic system, I'm very eager to use this for a project I'm working on... That being said; I'd love to know how to disable the UI (and function) of talent resets. I don't actually want my Heroes to be able to swap talents on the fly (or, really -- at all), I'd very much...
  4. Shaeam

    Champions Trial 3.9c

    I'm retarded and I forgot to actually post the review that I wrote; sorry about that... After about 10~20 hours of play me and my friend (a game of two people as usual) managed to make it to wave 42. Here's just a quick list of thoughts and unsorted comments I might've had to make... I...
  5. Shaeam

    Champions Trial 3.9c

    Goodie, goodie! I'm excited to dig into the new update, I'll post a reply a little later with some thoughts when my friend gets on.
  6. Shaeam

    [Melee] (4) Deluge (Melee Map)

    Lol, oops! It seems as though in that version I had made so many creep changes that I copy and pasted that entire side of the map (including portals); so that's what happened. I forgot to change the waygate point. In other words; I'm an idiot, lol! But yeah; I updated the main post with the...
  7. Shaeam

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Thanks for the feedback on my map! I appreciate it :)

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Thanks for the feedback on my map! I appreciate it :)
  8. Shaeam

    [Melee] (4) Deluge (Melee Map)

    Point 1) Yes, it was intentional; although now I've overhauled the mine camp (see part 4), and overhauled their loot table as well. Point 2) Definitely not intentional, actually; It was meant to be a Permanent Level 4 item, thanks for bringing it to my attention! It's fixed now. Point 3)...
  9. Shaeam

    [Melee] (4) Deluge (Melee Map)

    (4) Deluge Map CategoryMelee Suggested Players2v2 or FFA (Red) Creep Camps3 (7 including mine guardians) (Orange) Creep Camps18 (Green) Creep Camps8 Neutral BuildingsTavern (4), Goblin Merchant (2), Goblin Laboratory (2), Mercenary Camp (Lordaeron Summer) (4), Fountain of Mana (1), Waygate...
  10. Shaeam

    Champions Trial 3.9c

    Awesome lengthy response. I'm very glad you talked over most of the points that I brought up, and especially glad to hear that a lot of them you agree with (and are aiming to fix with the next version) I just got finished playing again, this time me and my friend were able to effectively 'beat'...
  11. Shaeam

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for the map, and thanks for taking the time to address my...

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for the map, and thanks for taking the time to address my concerns for the review! Enjoy the rep!
  12. Shaeam

    How well do you guys think WC3R will read Warcraft 3 maps?

    Like most people, I'm sure -- but the announcement of Warcraft 3 reforged has really reinvigorated my desire to map (it's just a shame about all the desync in custom games lately)... But I'm torn between starting the project and just waiting; since I know it'd be easier to start from scratch if...
  13. Shaeam

    Champions Trial 3.9c

    My Review For what my opinion is worth; this is an excellent map with a very high replay value. Me and my friend have both enjoyed twelve hours of it within the last two days; which should speak towards it's quality. The Good: The terrain is nice, for what it is. Simplistic; but it doesn't...
  14. Shaeam

    DecPlayerTechResearched is an undeclared variable?

    Thank you my friend! It works like a charm, +rep
  15. Shaeam

    DecPlayerTechResearched is an undeclared variable?

    So uh; the function DecPlayerTechResearched, whenever I try saving the map tells me that it's an undeclared variable. I know it was added in patch 1.29, but did they remove it somewhere along the road, or something? I was about to make an ability that temporarily increased attack range. Here's...
  16. Shaeam

    This Trigger crashes on new patch

    Crazily enough, somewhere along the lines (1.3.0~1.3.2) the custom trigger Local Player calls ALWAYS desync the game, honestly -- Warcraft 3 is in a pretty unplayable state right now for custom games. I've been trying to play a game that was very stable post-1.2.9, but now we can't even get past...
  17. Shaeam

    Maw of Oblivion

    You must close-shut the maws of Oblivion.
  18. Shaeam

    [Solved] Weird Trigger Issue?

    Welp; I'm stupid. I just realized the Medium~Hard camps use Loop A instead of TempInteger, tired triggering is the worst. Fixed it.
  19. Shaeam

    [Solved] Weird Trigger Issue?

    The reason I've set it up in such the way that I did is because there's going to often be different units per group. For example; the Satyrs might be Hellcallers and Soulstealers, if you just have one CreepType and a spawn count you'd be limited to one.
  20. Shaeam

    [Solved] Weird Trigger Issue?

    Essentially I've created a creep system much like DotA's where it spawns a single random group per creep camp. For example; for an easy camp it'll create 3 Centaurs, 3 Satyrs, or 3 Bandits. A hard camp will spawn 3 Demons, 3 Naga, or 3 Tauren. It works fine; if every creep camp is set to...
  21. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    Hrm... Strangely enough it works! I tried RobustPathing 1 and 2 -- but never tried 0 since it says the collision of the unit needed to be 16. I greatly appreciate the help! It seems to be working just fine now.
  22. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    Yeah, I notice that too but that might be the simple fact that I messed around with the knockback configuration; I've tried so many different fixes to attempt to get it working. I think I swapped on the Robust Pathing, or something? Maybe. Out of curiosity what knockback system did you use to...
  23. Shaeam

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Impressive suggestion; even if it didn't fix the problem it's definitely...

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Impressive suggestion; even if it didn't fix the problem it's definitely worth a rep reward, since it brought an issue with the system to my attention!
  24. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    Dang! I was really hoping that if I removed collision and added the Ability Boolean (Dummy) ability to the ghoul it would've worked as it was intended too; but unfortunately it didn't. Still -- REALLY good suggestion, it seemed very plausible and whilst using this system I'll definitely be...
  25. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    Unfortunately, that's not the issue. I've tried a variety of speeds and duration and nothing seems to make a difference to the system, it still causes issues. But thanks for the suggestion! :D It REALLY is weird! It's perhaps the strangest thing I've ever discovered while mapping, it works in...
  26. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    Oops, that's probably because the Level 1 Panda is the one where the bug was happening; I was a bit too quick and added him in without checking his level first. Sorry for the laggy video; but I figured it'd help to show you precisely what I'm talking of; and it's like this for a few (seemingly...
  27. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    Sent through PM!
  28. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    To be brief; I posted this same message in bribe's 2.5D Knockback thread, but I figured this section might gain a bit more traction. I tried to get as much information that might be relevant as possible; but if I missed something please feel free to let me know. I'm currently working on a spell...
  29. Shaeam

    GUI Knockback 2.5D v4.2.5.0

    I originally had commented on this before; but I decided that I needed to delete that comment to post this new, more urgent one. I'm currently working on a spell with an AoE knockback which I decided to use your system for, though -- it's been causing a TON of trouble for me and neither me, nor...
  30. Shaeam

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks a bundle for the comment, it was really helpful and surprisingly...

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks a bundle for the comment, it was really helpful and surprisingly swift!
  31. Shaeam

    Master Projectile System V1.02b

    Don't apologize, I appreciate the short response time and the in-depth comment; I'm gonna do some tinkering and see if I can't take what you've said and learn from it, as you've laid it out pretty well I feel. Like I said prior, I've been looking for a semi-versatile missile system since one of...
  32. Shaeam

    Master Projectile System V1.02b

    I feel stupid for asking; but I've read the documentation but it's only served to confuse me further. Perhaps it's due to the fact there isn't any simpler examples in the demo map; but how exactly do I just make a singular projectile with this system? Say for example; I wanted to make a Death...
  33. Shaeam

    Doodads Wanted! - Barrens Thorns and more!

    I believe he means something like this
  34. Shaeam

    Warcraft 3 patch wish list

    No, why would they? Blademaster is a harassment Hero; he's not great to disrupt groups of enemy units but one thing he does really, really, really well is harass Heroes and supply lines. If you know the blademaster is around you'll likely be twice as cautious when creeping, and dropping items...
  35. Shaeam

    Ziggurat (Undead) and Derivatives

    Could you add the old Highborn variant back to the downloads? I really preferred it over the Huntress pedestal
  36. Shaeam

    Melee Mapping Contest #1 - 1v1[$100 Prize Pool]

    I'm interested, not sure if I'll get around to making a submission though. Definitely mark me as interested, though!
  37. Shaeam

    Warcraft 3 Issue?

    Okay so basically this literally only started happening the last few days; when I attempt to launch Warcraft III I am greeted with a pitch-black login screen (with particle effects still active); and when I attempt to enter a regular game I no longer see buff/debuff icons, but the effects are...
  38. Shaeam

    Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1

    When I try to save the map with this system; it stops on validating scripts and crashes. There's no progress, and I can't save the map with this system. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it? I've tried compiling on SharpCraft and regular world edit.
  39. Shaeam

    A simple request

    Thank you very much for the model edit, I greatly appreciate it! I gave you rep, I also appreciate the informative content you took the time to provide too.
  40. Shaeam

    A simple request

    Can someone create a Magical Pen (Doodads\Terrain\DalaranMagicalPen\DalaranMagicalPen.mdl) with attachment points? Specifically the origin. It seems like it'd be simple to do but I don't possess the tools nor the know how so it'd really help me out a lot. If what I'm asking is too difficult I...
  41. Shaeam

    SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle

    This program does nothing for me. I open it up by it's executable, both it's launcher and the direct .exe file and it just launches the normal editor with new options that don't seem to work. Still can't import files, still can't make a map larger than 256x256. What am I doing wrong? I already...
  42. Shaeam

    World Editor Import Failure

    I don't use intrusive Anti-Virus programs, I've also tried importing from different folders. It's not either of those two problems; It's simply the update broke things it would seem. Pretty insignificant things (to Blizzard) so hopefully they catch wind of this problem soon; I don't think they'd...
  43. Shaeam

    Destiny Battle v0.22

    I know that he used Widgetizer to make all the object data into text files... I'm not sure if the process is revertible or not. Plus it's considered incredibly disrespectful to edit somebody's map without their permission, especially if you had plans on posting the updated version. I've tried...
  44. Shaeam

    Your map was great, we used to play it on US West. Me (Shaeam) and my friend Hobomcbooze...

    Your map was great, we used to play it on US West. Me (Shaeam) and my friend Hobomcbooze. Warcraft III is far past it's heyday but I'm working on a spiritual successor of sorts. Heavily inspired by Destiny Battle and D&D cliches. I do hope you're doing well lately, I recall you saying you were...
  45. Shaeam

    Damage Engine

    How is the best way to detect if damage is cleaved? I'm using this for an ability that gives the Hero cleave damage for X amount of attacks, or a duration. When I detect an attack the cleave damage sets the variable for the trigger +X however many units were hit, instead of +1 which is a huge...
  46. Shaeam

    Knock-Back 3D - MMS 3D V. 3.2.1

    Oh sorry, to clarify I meant with homing projectiles. It technically supports them just not homing missiles with arcs, I'm sure it'll be added in an update though.
  47. Shaeam

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for assisting me with KB3D's system

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for assisting me with KB3D's system
  48. Shaeam

    Knock-Back 3D - MMS 3D V. 3.2.1

    How strange. Oh well, I guess for now I'll just use BPower's GUI system. It seems to work fine, though, sadly, doesn't have arcing projectiles. Beggars can't be chooses I guess, haha! Thanks for your help though, +rep.
  49. Shaeam

    Knock-Back 3D - MMS 3D V. 3.2.1

    Nope. It happens for all the effects that I seen. Units, too. Theoretically if you modified the Zap ability with a slower projectile (so you can see it) and the priestess of the moon arrow, it should do the same as it's doing for me. Likewise, any other effect seems to be doing the same.
  50. Shaeam

    Missile [GUI] version 1.6.1

    This looks like a great system, though I'm thoroughly disappointed that the homing feature doesn't work with arcs. It's really easy to use and pretty powerful, I'm definitely interested in seeing this system being worked on more and hopefully be a very simplistic system yet offering great power.