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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Your work On Azeroth Wars

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Your work On Azeroth Wars
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    It looks like you have turned the hole model into alfa channel.. i've never had that problem. good idea but it is hard to see what it is.. :eekani:
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    Comment by 'yakonshus' in media 'A compilation of doodles I did during lessons.'

    amazing! i like your style very much! i would like to see some more drawings from you.
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    Desert tile

    Me to! the desert looks.. boring
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    you just made a skin like my skin.
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    Hello, i was thinking that maybe you could take a look on my skin here...

    Hello, i was thinking that maybe you could take a look on my skin here: and maybe approve it, i put a lot of effort in it, so i hope it will become approved.
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    BTNfrostwolf (Icon)

    i thought i had uploaded this icon long ago.. here it is Keywords: Orc,
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    BTNfrostwolf (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    black suited villager.blp

    I've uploaded an icon now
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    BTNManinBlack (Icon)

    its the icons for my villager in black suit Keywords: suit, man in black, suit, alien, gangster, mob, gang, future, lawyer, modern
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    BTNManinBlack (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Icon Layer for Photoshop N/A

    how can you hate layers? :razz: they are a very important part of photoshop.
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    black suited villager.blp

    yes.. i will not fix it in this skin. i think it looks good, when it is a little "boring" i will keep that in mind if i make a new suit-skin.
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    black suited villager.blp

    Thank you all for all the feedback, and thank you Darkmoon Hero, for giving me rep! I also think it looks too much like wool, and too thick too. Especially because he is muscular.. I have started working on (very long ago)a grey more gangster-like suit with small stripes. I think i will...
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    I thank you for trying to help me, but it isnt exactly what is was aiming for, i'm making melee maps, and its not so good to have lvl 1 monsters drop the best items in the game. If you take a look on Blizzard maps, you can see that the drops are very specified for each mob. It drops a lvl 3...
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    Man in black suit (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    black suited villager.blp (Texture)

    Finally its here, the Man in Black! He can easily be used both as a butler, gangstar, top secret police or top secret alien fighting force. The baseball bat in his hands is made because it looks better then a pickaxe, or nothing at all. And i can imagine how 2-4 of them around a lonely villager...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) I love your maps

    Reputation (+1): (Post) I love your maps
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    Hello, in my maps, i usually use the system where i have 4 loot tables, 1 that has 50% for lvl 1 and 50% for lvl 2. 1 thats 50% lvl 3 and 50% lvl 4 1 Is 50% lvl 5 and 50% lvl 6 and 1 thats 50% lvl 1 power up and 50% lvl 2 power up. Too see my map go here...
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    Yays for Aos's --- Advice wanted!

    Reply Creating an awesome AOS can be a difficult task, there is simply so many bad aos out there, and some few really good ones. (Age of Myths) I like your ideas, the higher amount of ways to attack the enemy, withouth really attacking them is always nice, like building sieges engines and...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Yay, what you found was an early version of it, but with your help i...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Yay, what you found was an early version of it, but with your help i found to good one! thank you.
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    lost Middle-earth map

    Once upon a time, on my old computer i encountered a brilliant map on battlenet. It was a Middle-earth map, set long before the Lord of the Rings, (while Minas Morgul was evil, Sauron still "alive" and the western human lands not yet destroyed by the Witch-King) The map was a master-piece! The...
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great map

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great map
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome map, great fun and epic story!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome map, great fun and epic story!
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    Treasure Cave

    Incredible awesome genius masterpiece of a map! Me and my friend spent around 2 hours playing it, and finishing it! We managed to defeat the Red God with 20 treasures found and 3 artifacts found. This map offers some of the greatest challenges and the greatest stories any warcraft map ever had...
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great map

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great map
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    Age of Myths SE FINAL

    I hate Dota, i hate seeing 5-12 of the same Dota´s on battlenet when im looking for a fun game. but age of myth on the other hand.. AoM is simply one of the most outstanding and great maps that i have ever experienced. It is one of those legends that should live on forever like Dark Deeds and...
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    Trolls Vs. Spiders!

    Wanting to make a HUGE mama spider? Easy! Just go into trigger and make an event in map initialization. Event --> Animation --> Change Unit Size --> make it HUGE.
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    Help! force of Nature

    I got this neat tree fella i want that i want to be able to cast the spell Force of nature, it should work like the goblin workshop Reveal, though its free this time. The little tree fella is neutral passive, i tried to make him to a building and stuff like that, but i see nothing in the map!
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    Force of Nature

    Thanks very much, that solved that proplem, next proplem is, that i still cant get my little treant to "sell" the spell like goblin workshop sells Reveal.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) It worked

    Reputation (+1): (Post) It worked
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    Force of Nature

    Hey, im working on my a map and i want to have a neutral treant selling Force of nature casts. I want the system to work like Reveal in a goblin workship, though the treants shal be HOSTILE, and not neutral nor player owned. So far i am only able to put the force of nature spell to a goblin...
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    old orc frostwolf.BLP

    thanks everybody for all the good feedback. now, 100 have downloaded this skin. (mu-hu-ha-haha!) i think one of them might have used it in a map. remember to give me a hint so i can try the map!
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    Battle for Helms deep(BD

    In suggested players, never post a guild name or "happy players" write the amount of players in the map. I found myself missing a Helms Deep map, so i'l download this one.
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    What happens after death?

    We need to be logical to this, but meaning this crossing those out who dosnt make sence. 1. Going straight to eternal suffering and pain. That sounds pretty awfull in my ears, and a eternity is still a very long time, so long no humans is able to understand that, 2. Going straight to eternal...
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    Grand Singularity

    What the... Nozdormu the secret leader of the infinite dragonflight?! No way, that will never happen. Nevermind im going to download the map, nice that you can play it 1-7
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    Titan Army

    Atleast i've got an descreption out of you, why didnt you just say that on your first post? And because warcraft and world of warcraft technically is the same thing, the titans are the same too.
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    Whos cooler illdan or Arthas or Rexxar

    Let me shoot this man please....
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    Hosting on Bnet

    Hmmm... Im feeling noobish about that thing with the addressbar.... Of course i know it, just never heard what it's name was :P
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    Favorite Maps Thread

    ASEROTH WARS!!!!!!!!!! Nothing else, nothing more. But i hate playing it with noobish leavers, if you enter a big map you know take long time, leave it again.
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    Click To Kill

    Woot! 864 on first try! :grin: Well, my advice is to simply leave the raiders, wisps and naga, they have far too much HP, and you need to focus enough on the primary orcs. SHOOT DAT ORC :fp: :nw:
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    Combat Zone 3.6

    I have played this map many times with my friends, and i have never seen a map like it. Its so well made and almost perfect! (no maps are perfect, so almost perfect is the best a map can get) 6/5!
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    DREAMLORD Episode II.

    You can type "unstuckshane" to make his collision to zero, havent you not even read the quest log?
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome of you to make your epic campaign into a multiplayer map!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome of you to make your epic campaign into a multiplayer map!
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    Dreamlord - Alter Way Droid Training

    I LOVE how you make your epic campaign into a whole new playable multiplayer map! GREAT idea! +rep!
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    Titan Army

    Wowwikki probably holds some pictures or illustrations of Titans.
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    old orc frostwolf.BLP

    The frostwolf on his cloak is freehanded, but i can admit that we've got the inspiration from the frostwolf tabard. But due to that being the frostwolfs banner/tabard/icon, it is only normal to use it, so all can see he is a real frostwolf
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    old orc frostwolf.BLP

    What is happening, you are all saying 4-5/5, but only one vote! :confused: Nevermind, your words say so much, im gratefull for your great feedback, next step will be world domination :mwahaha:
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    Battle Royale 7 (Mage War)

    Thought about collection them to a campaign? Would be nice to have them all in one package.
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    old orc frostwolf.BLP

    Thank you very much for all the good feedback! I really appreciate it, and thus i wont kill you and ressurect you as mindless ghouls (just joking, or am i?) Im also surprised to see so many known faces (Aeroblyctos, Misha etc.) say so good things to me!