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    BoW ORPG v1.32e (Warcraft 3 Map)

  2. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @Ardenaso Hi! This map is locked to classic graphics and works on both Reforged and Classic. Enjoy!
  3. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @Dmtr That's very strange. Could you provide me a screenshot of what happens when you do "-new account" --> "-new" ?
  4. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @Dmtr Hey, thanks for trying out BoW :) That sounds very odd, which version of Warcraft 3 are you playing on?
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    BoW ORPG v1.32d (Warcraft 3 Map)

  6. Sverkerman

    W3x2Lni v2.7.2

    @sumneko What's new in the new version? :)
  7. Sverkerman

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Awesome guide!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Awesome guide!
  8. Sverkerman

    Tanking 101.

    Awesome guide! Keep up the good work @Lans!
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    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @War3gamer Are you playing Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne on patch 1.32+ ?
  10. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @War3gamer Hi! :) Are you playing WC3 1.32+ ?
  11. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @SayazEmil Hi! Once you are in the game, type -New Account, and then proceed by typing -New :) We're making it easier to understand/see in the next patch!
  12. Sverkerman

    Cosmic Elven Wings

    Completely amazing work here, Mythic :)
  13. Sverkerman

    Bosses of Warcraft [24 Player ORPG]

    @Intervention01 Do "-new account" before you do "-new" :)
  14. Sverkerman

    Hosted Project: Bosses of Warcraft ORPG

    Thank you guys for the great oppourtunity! :) <3 We're currently working on our big Patch 2. ;)
  15. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @stein123 They are teasers :D Maybe we should upload some bigger pictures too for those unable to test the map out for themselves :) We're also working on a few videos.
  16. Sverkerman

    Centering of [tab]

    @Ralle Hi chief :D Thanks for the answer! :)
  17. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    We've started to work on our "Patch 2" ! Dive in :)
  18. Sverkerman

    Centering of [tab]

    I am centeredI am centeredI am centeredI am centered How do I go about centering this like this text? I know how to center the text within a tab, but I do not know how to center the actual tab element.
  19. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    @orco6 Thank you! We have great plans for this map, so stay tuned! @Jahjahbinks Thanks for the feedback! We'll get some videos up within 1-2 weeks to better showcase the map :)
  20. Sverkerman

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thank you for everything <3

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thank you for everything <3
  21. Sverkerman

    Bosses of Warcraft [24 Player ORPG]

    BoW 1.00 is now released! BoW ORPG v1.03
  22. BoW Thread

    BoW Thread

    Art used in the BoW Thread
  23. Sverkerman

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Amazing optimizer.

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Amazing optimizer.
  24. Sverkerman

    Bosses of Warcraft [24 Player ORPG]

    After 3 years of development, we are soon there! Thread work in progress!
  25. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e

    BoW 1.31h is released! 2020-08-02 Fixed projectile bug. Raxn no longer gets your stuck in Conversation Mode when she kicks you. You now arrive at Gern'Or instead of Ekarora after defeating Lavar. Raxn now gives you the correct Profession Information when talking to her during the Warden...
  26. Sverkerman

    BoW ORPG v1.32e (Map)

    Join the BoW Community Discord Server! What is this map about? Whether or not you have already played our Warcraft III map, Bosses of Warcraft is an expansive project created to combine the elements of Professions, Dungeons and raid-style Bosses with the highly adaptable Warcraft III engine...
  27. Sverkerman

    Sorry for replying late lol :D Woahh that's a busy year! :D Hope ur doing well mate!

    Sorry for replying late lol :D Woahh that's a busy year! :D Hope ur doing well mate!
  28. Sverkerman

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks! Nice find!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks! Nice find!
  29. Sverkerman

    [General] Terrain "Sky Box" Reforged Mode

    Hey! Thanks for the tag and nice find! Altho, I doubt that any mapmaker in their right mind would create a map specifically for Reforged. Classic graphics are superior since it reaches a wider audience, there are more players without Reforged than there are with it, and those with Reforged can...
  30. Sverkerman

    [Import] Minimap Preview

    @TriggerHappy Has the method of changing the Minimap changed with Reforged? I'm following this tutorial and it's not working at all: World Editor FAQ - Work in Progress EDIT: You are saying "replace the minimap image with your preview" - what exactly do you mean with "your preview" ? What...
  31. Sverkerman

    [Import] Minimap Preview

    @TriggerHappy Oh! I read it too fast :D I will try that! Thanks!
  32. Sverkerman

    [Import] Minimap Preview

    Anyone with any work-arounds?
  33. Sverkerman

    Bosses of Warcraft [24 Player ORPG]

    Hey guys! I haven't updated this thread in more than a year, but we've been actively working on the project and throwing update logs over at our discord channel! We're hosting a HYPE TEST for Bosses of Warcraft Wednesday 15th of April 20:00 CEST for everyone to join. Save and Load will be...
  34. Sverkerman

    Tailoring-inspired assets? Need some suggestions! <3

    Hey, hope ur having a great day! :) I'm looking for some Tailoring-inspired assets like working place, thread, needle, workshop, house, litterary anything related to Tailoring ;) I've got a tailoring profession in my ORPG and I need to up the terrain a bit on it! Thanks for any suggestions!
  35. Sverkerman

    BLP Lab v0.5.0

    Great program! Well done!
  36. Sverkerman

    Maximum Pitch & Roll Angle - Is there a fix?

    Hello you beautiful people! We're in the process of creating a great ORPG for WC3 Reforged. We are having an issue where the Maximum Pitch & Roll Angle got broken by Blizz a few patches ago, just as blzgetitemextendedtooltip, Camera - Fade Filter and a bunch of other thingies got broken :) I'm...
  37. Sverkerman

    Reputation (+4): (Post) TY! :D

    Reputation (+4): (Post) TY! :D
  38. Sverkerman

    Request! Info Panels (mdx + blp) for heroes! +4 rep +credits

    @xorkatoss Alright so we ended up following your advice :D Thanks for the input! +4 rep :D <3
  39. Sverkerman

    Request! Info Panels (mdx + blp) for heroes! +4 rep +credits

    @xorkatoss Thanks for the input! We could actually do that, but that would be our last option I'm afraid. I'll leave the thread open and see if anyone wants to help us out.
  40. Sverkerman

    Request! Info Panels (mdx + blp) for heroes! +4 rep +credits

    Heya! We're currently working on Bosses of Warcraft where have these ingame info-panels for the different heroes: We'd like to bump the quality up to HD on these as map space isn't an issue anymore, the panel doesn't nessesarily have to look like our current one, just as long as the general...
  41. Sverkerman

    Damage Engine

    @Bribe Thank-you! That answers my question! :)
  42. Sverkerman

    Damage Engine

    @Bribe My bad, pinged wrong person :D Yes I know, but in your previous system you could set it up in such a way where it never triggered any Damage Event if it came from a specific Unit Type, It was from within the Damage Engine Config trigger, but it seems to have moved place?
  43. Sverkerman

    Damage Engine

    @Bribe Hello man! We decided to update our damage engine, we were using 3.1 before I believe and it had a bug that this updated version crushed! :D A quick question though! If I want to add exception to unit types, can this be done elsewhere than here?
  44. Sverkerman

    Yo! I'm good thank you, learning Unity, 3 hours per day and working a lot! You've got any...

    Yo! I'm good thank you, learning Unity, 3 hours per day and working a lot! You've got any interesting projects going on? :)
  45. Sverkerman

    Heyhey! :D How's it going :)

    Heyhey! :D How's it going :)
  46. Sverkerman

    [General] Severe Trigger Editor Lag

    I'm having the exact same issue, anyone with a solve to this?
  47. Sverkerman

    WoW Classic Guild - NewGen |Hardcore|Horde|European|

    10 day bump! (or somewhat :D)
  48. Sverkerman

    WoW Classic Guild - NewGen |Hardcore|Horde|European|

    I'm going to be bumping this thread every ~10 days. :)