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  1. A Void

    Projectile & Missile Tutorial

    Tools: World Editor, Object Editor. To start off you must understand what a projectile or a missile is, a missile or projectile is a ranged attack, some sort of object or anything is thrown, pushed or moved at a unit damaging the targeted unit from afar, thus it is called a ranged attack. This...
  2. rulerofiron99

    Multiple Warcraft 3 Running on a Single PC

    Running Multiple Game Instances Windows What is it? kLoader is a program that allows you to run multiple instances of Warcraft 3 on the same computer at the same time. This is invaluable to mapmakers testing multiplayer aspects of their maps without having additional PCs or beta testers...
  3. MoCo

    Symmetrical Hero Scaling

    Symmetrical Hero Scaling Or: Secrets and Pitfalls of Hero Balancing This tutorial discusses some issues and solutions in terms of game mechanics for creating symmetrically scaling heroes. Symmetrical scaling means that the relation of power between multiple heroes stays constant across...