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  1. Aray

    Website Discussion

    If you ever get into more advanced websitemaking (instead of using those finished codes etc.) I'd suggest these two free website hosts: And you can have a look around here if you don't like these two: My god this...
  2. Aray

    The Demo?

    I uploaded the official demo for you at the other forum, remember? There's been an incredble amount of changes since then, so I wouldn't recommend it anyway...
  3. Aray


    Was wondering if it's possible to request namechanges aroun here?.. This nick I've got here, AliaZ, is an old nick that I've haven't been using for a very long time. I would like to request a namechange to "Aray", wich is the nick I use on pretty much all other wc3 related forums.
  4. Aray

    Reputation: (Post) I've always loved this project.

    Reputation: (Post) I've always loved this project.
  5. Aray

    General Discussion

    Too bad project is dead Too bad none of the makers bothers to say so Too bad noone is getting the opportunity to further work on the map... It's all just too bad... :(
  6. Aray

    Quest List & Suggestions

    I totally agree with you. Problem is, these guys seems to be gone forever... The map had such a bright future, but in the current state it's no fun... Please tro to get in touch with someone who's got an unprotected version of this map, and let the map be passed on to someone who is qualified to...