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  1. bl3u

    Custom units

    [SOLVED] Custom units I was wondering if its possible to transfer a custom unit to another custom map. including the imported skins/models for said unit. Another option would be to simply edit the map properties, change the dimensions/tileset. But I don't know if that's possible either.
  2. bl3u

    The Hive IRC?

    I realize the site has an embedded Chat feature, but do we by any chance have an IRC channel. if not, i'd be glad to make one. *hint hint*
  3. bl3u

    bl3u here!

    O saw no "introduce yourself" section or anything for that, so i decided to just inctroduce myself in the off-topic section... My name is bl3u, I visit this place alot, but ive never made an account until now, I enjoy making maps in warcraft 3 And other than that being my passtime, i am a...