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  1. d4rk4ss4sin

    Human Executioner

    sorry i test it now and not found 2/5
  2. d4rk4ss4sin

    Human Executioner

    good model so very very big >_<
  3. d4rk4ss4sin

    Arthas Child

    bad mace good model 3/5
  4. d4rk4ss4sin


    good so... can be better :P 4/5
  5. d4rk4ss4sin

    Undead King

    "Before speaking ill of others better not say anything" I will not put anything but improve this piece of **** please
  6. d4rk4ss4sin

    2P Undead Campaign

    its good the 2 players gameplay, so i play it whit a friend, and we complete it in 2 hours, is too easy... T_T if you can add more stats to the enemy units :P 5/5
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    i realy doesnt like it T_T
  8. d4rk4ss4sin


    awesome baby (H)
  9. d4rk4ss4sin

    Project: Legendary Risk First Images

    History: A long time passed since the last battle, the land is fertile and the survivors are enjoying their few moments of peace and recovering from recent injuries ... is time for a new war! Map Information: :carr: Players supported: 2-12 :carr: Game Type: Risk :carr: Map Size...
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    very good model, i give u credit in my map :P
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    mmm ok... the map is small for naturality and i cant change it now, my friends and me remake the map (all the texts) for english people, thnx for the critic... :goblin_boom:
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    answering all the false accusations that I receive, I have the original map in my possession (unprotected). Second, the map was made for Hispanic people, I think it was a mistake to go on this page to post my creations, without offending anyone in particular, and I appreciate the work of all the...
  13. d4rk4ss4sin

    Hi All Hive Workshop!

    Hi people, im new in this forum, im an argentinian boy and im working whit a few friends in my maps, i have a lot of things to thank to the people who prepared many resources here for map makers like me ^^! Im now working in a project, "Legendary Risk" and put here any news you have from this...
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    The Map is in spanish (1000 downloads = new version in english) Thnkz all ;)
  15. D

    Zombies (Warcraft 3 Map)

  16. d4rk4ss4sin

    Zombies (Map)

    hi all! This is the first map I upload to Hiveworkshop is a Hero Defense of 5 players, tell me that this seems, the map has a few bugs, well enjoy it ^ ^ Thankz All! (Oh and thanks to everyone who provided models and icons for this creation) Keywords: Zombies, Hero Defense, Humans...