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  1. DarkShadow

    The Legend of Copy Protection

    Although I'm kinda busy atm, there's one thing going around the world that I need to mention. The game "Galatic Civilisations 2", produced by Stardock, has been released without any on-cd copy protection, so you can copy the cd as much as you want for private use. Looking at what the...
  2. DarkShadow

    Merry Christmas

    Entering News Forum. Looking for Darky29... looking for VGsatomi... Hmm, seems like no one posted some of this christmas stuff topics. The whole wc3search-staff (I think) is wishing you a merry christmas. At least, everyone that is celebrating christmas or anything equal to it. If anyone is...
  3. DarkShadow

    How to post an image in the forums

    So we get this question several times, I'll add a small tutorial here (thx to ElfWarfare for mentioning it) To post a image on any internet-forum, you have to upload your image to an image-server, e.g. Some image-servers only accept specific file-types, care for that...
  4. DarkShadow

    oz02 vs DarkShadow

    oz02 and me were bored in the IRC-chat, the result is this (have fun reading it): [17:31] <oz02> NEXT PERSON WHO EVEN MAKES A NOISE ABOUT WORMSKULL OR ANYTHING AT ALL WILL GET BANNED! [17:32] <DarkShadow> hehe [17:32] <oz02> ahh much better [17:32] <oz02> good to get that out of my system...
  5. DarkShadow

    The Forums

    Yesterday I had to move 5 topics to the correct forum and from now on I'll give a warning to everyone that posts several times in the wrong forum. Here a description what's the use of the different forums, although it's described in the forums itself (non-described forums explain themselves or...
  6. DarkShadow

    Transporting Units/etc from map to map / Campaign Editor

    This will be an example for a two map long campaign where the hero and the player's money is transported. The campaign is uploaded on this site, here's the quick-link: You can extract the maps from the campaign by opening the campaign in the campaign...
  7. DarkShadow

    Triggers - ALL Events/Conditions/Actions (not finished)

    Though we get many questions like "What trigger is used for..." I decided to revive an old project of myself, namely describing all the events / conditions / actions of WE and giving examples what they could be used for. Lost the old project because of a headcrash on my harddrive (20 gb away ...
  8. DarkShadow

    Final Version Of My Game-Cache Based Save/Load Script

    OK, I think I got it fully working right now. It's a script that stores the hero (-> level, class, items), his map position and the current amount of money in a game-cache refering to the players name (in the account-name, which is not that easy to hack, eh?) on the players compi. I'll...
  9. DarkShadow

    Funny Bug in WE

    LOL i have a funny bug in WE: On one of my maps I placed Mannoroth (I was working on something with the reincarnate-spell) and -woosh- light out, the whole terrain was dark (not black!!) so you could hardly see anything concerning to the terrain (and only terrain). When I deselect Mannoroth...
  10. DarkShadow

    Starcraft Icon Section

    Just a suggest. So we're flooded by Stacraft-Icons atm, wouldn't it be a good idea to do a starcraft icon section like the starcraft model section for the sc-models?
  11. DarkShadow

    Icon needed Plz help

    Somebody plz help me. I need an Icon for Reincarnate (like Cairne's Icon), but with an Orc on it (should look like the green Grom Hellscream) Need an active (for researching), inactive (when ability is not available) and passive icon. Of course you'll get credit in my cpn