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  1. SGT Phill

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
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    Hades Living Armor (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  3. SGT Phill

    Hades_LivingArmor.blp (Texture)

    Ok this is a Chaos\Flaming Version of the Dungeon Golem.I think this feats better than the original one in the Dungeon landscape.Feel free to comment and post constuctive criticisms.Give me credits if you use this skin in your map please.Hope you will enjoy. Keywords: Golem, statue, armor...
  4. SGT Phill


    If updates doesnt show thats how it looks like now..too bad the wrap of the model kinda ruins it in my opinion...
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    A Strange Fish Trophy (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  6. SGT Phill

    Strange_Fish_Trophy.blp (Texture)

    I tried to turn the killer whale statue into some kind of big fish trophy on a wooden support.I find this pretty funny lol.Hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to post suggestions.Give credits to me if you use this skin thank you. Keywords: Big, Fish, Trophy, Whale, Statue, Doodad, sea...
  7. SGT Phill


    Updated skin with more lights and less blurry.
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    Dark Stalker (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  9. SGT Phill

    Dark_stalkerV2.blp (Texture)

    Ok,this is a darker and even more scay version of the undead Ghoul.Nothing more to say lol. Hope you like it.As alwais suggestions are welcome and give me credits if you use this in your map thank you. UPDATED: -Less blurry -Less dark and more lights(not too much because it has to be a...
  10. SGT Phill

    Im so glad you like it really :) Thank you :)

    Im so glad you like it really :) Thank you :)
  11. SGT Phill


    Works with underground structures also: Textures\UndergroundDoodad1.blp *By using this path you will not change the texure of the Dungeon gate (of course)*
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    Prison Wall (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  13. SGT Phill

    Prison_wall.blp (Texture)

    The idea of this has camed when i was tryng to build in the Editor some kind of prison in a Cityscape.But blizzard texture of the Dungeon walls doenst really feat with such terrain texture.So I create this skin, and I saw that it feats also with other dungeon doodas.Its a simple texture I know...
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    Hades Warden (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  15. SGT Phill

    Hades-WardenV2.blp (Texture)

    This is a sort of demon version of sasquatch, with some golden armor and mask.This skin works with all kind of Sasquatch,Wendigo and Jungle Beast models.Hope this will be usefull.If you have suggestions on how to make it better this will help me.Give credits if you want use this in your map...
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    HippoPhoenix (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  17. SGT Phill

    HippophoenixV2.blp (Texture)

    This is an alternative skin for the Hippogryph model,to make it more like some kind of phoenix or chaos flyng monster.I hope someone will find it usefull.I dont have much experience by the way, so I hope that constructive cricism will help me.As everybody I would like if you give me credits if...
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    Old Mage (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  19. SGT Phill

    Old_mage.blp (Texture)

    3rd try And humanized Troll witch doctor.No more to say. x) Hope you enjoy it. Tell me whats wrong and give me credits if you use it. SGT Phil Keywords: Shaman,Witch doctor,Troll,humanized,stick,headhunter,old,oldman.
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    Armored Ogre (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  21. SGT Phill

    Ogre_Wardv2.blp (Texture) second try :) This is a version of the standard Ogre Warrior but with an armor... No more to say... X) Of course comments and tell me whats wrong...and give credits if u use it... Keywords: ogre,orc,armored,plated,hord,blackrock,warrior
  22. SGT Phill

    _Frozen Warrior_.blp

    Only 1... rest is handwork
  23. SGT Phill


    Not so much changed, looks something like a Death Knight with Arthas's sword.It needs more work on...
  24. SGT Phill

    _Frozen Warrior_.blp

    Yes,it haves...(btw screenshot updated now :) )
  25. S

    Frozen Warrior (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  26. SGT Phill

    _Frozen Warrior_.blp (Texture)

    This is my first skin,so if there is something wrong tell me so i will learn something... Its good for Northrend or Icecrown scenarios. I have done also a Skeleton Archer and a Skeleton Grunt with this textures and im working on a Ghoul. However give me credits if you use it and dont...
  27. SGT Phill

    Slingshot by chilla_killa

    Looks nice...but it needs also (apart from the rotate and from the animation) something to shoot (like pebbles) and i dont think that Blizzard has got a good model for that.:con: So we need also ammunitions. Btw its a good model 4.5\5 because is also a good idea .Fix those little problems and...
  28. SGT Phill

    Back from the stand-by....I will be here more times than before i think...

    Back from the stand-by....I will be here more times than before i think...
  29. SGT Phill

    Im fine thx(sorry for the late but i was in vacations;) ) and you?

    Im fine thx(sorry for the late but i was in vacations;) ) and you?
  30. SGT Phill

    Jungle Troll Skullsplinter

    Awesome model 4.99/5 (only for the weapon ;) )
  31. SGT Phill

    M1 A7 'Badger' APSV

    Its just awesome 11/10:thumbs_up:
  32. SGT Phill

    Thank you ;)

    Thank you ;)
  33. SGT Phill

    Thank you

    Thank you
  34. SGT Phill

    New member

    Im SGT Phill. I am a new map-maker and I find this site very good:wink: ,so I wanna join in.