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  1. Secret_Bryan

    Unprotecting my map

    So its been about 2 years since I have been active on here and I wanna get back to work on my map "I am legend", but I seem to have lost all the unprotected map files. Is there any way to unprotect the protected version so its back to normal?
  2. Secret_Bryan

    Mall Survival

    Story: It is the year 2039 and a plague if slowly taking over counties. You and your platoon of marines are sent to a over run city to try and take it back. You were greatly outmatched, half your platoon was wiped out and the other half ran to hide in an abandoned mall. To get out you must do a...
  3. Secret_Bryan

    Save/Load System That Saves Gold

    I Need a Good Save/Load System That would save Hero Lvl , Gold , and Lumber. If anyone can Find me one and help me get it workin ill + Rep :grin: