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  1. miland93

    Need a modeler/animator for my map

    Hi. I would like a modeler/animator to help me with my map which is called Seireitei VS Konoha, here you can get more review and some pics, I will give credit in my map and +rep for the help, I would really appreciate if...
  2. miland93

    Need Bleach and Naruto icons

    I've started a project called Shinobi VS Shinigami and I would like to request icons for the characters from both anime and for their abilities.
  3. miland93

    Shinobi VS Shinigami

    Seireitei VS Konoha Hi, I started a project called Seiretei VS Konoha (the name changed), an AoS map based of the anime Naruto and Bleach, so far I've been doing it alone and realized I cant, so I need help with some spells I tried to create and someone to create them for me (part taken), and I...