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  1. Turnro

    General Campaign Bugs

    Hi all, I have recently come across this thread and wish to share my two cents of bugs I've found over the years, specifically about campaigns. 1. The difficulty level for custom campaigns only seems to affect the difficulty for the first map played. If the player immediately proceeds to the...
  2. Turnro

    Golem Icon Request for Malfurion's Quest

    Greetings all! I am currently in need for an icon for Mc's Crystal Golem unit. This unit is being used in an upcoming Warcraft 3 campaign "Malfurion's Quest". Link to Crystal Golem Model Here are the requirements: - The icon is a standard 64x64x32 BLP file - You are free to style the...
  3. Turnro

    Malfurion's Quest Project Recruit Forum

    Project Manager: Turnro I am looking for skilled developers to help with the development of the long awaited campaign, Malfurion's Quest. The proposed campaign is based off normal Warcraft 3 gameplay. It also features an epic storyline with 2 possible story paths, as well as new heroes...
  4. Turnro

    [Campaign] Malfurion's Quest

    You are Malfurion Stormrage, arch druid of the Night Elves and protector of Kalimdor. A great prophecy has foretold the return of the Burning Legion, who seek to destroy Azeroth once and for all. For 10,000 years you have roamed the Emerald Dream, awaiting the day for your return to lead your...
  5. Turnro

    What Would You Change About RTS?

    If there was anything you could add or change to an RTS game in general, what would it be?
  6. Turnro

    Which aspect of RTS do you like most?

    Are you someone who enjoys the multi-player experience? Or perhaps enjoy playing custom games with random people lol As for me, I enjoy the campaigns the most :)
  7. Turnro

    Accepting YouTube Video Requests?

    Does anyone know of any YouTube users who accept video recording requests? I've always been interested in knowing.
  8. Turnro

    Logo Request - MALFURION'S QUEST

    Malfurion’s Quest I am in need for a logo picture for my upcoming Night Elf Campaign. Even though it is a work in progress, a demo version has been released. Here are the requirements: - 512x512 pixels in size - Icon must be saved in TGA format - The text...
  9. Turnro

    [Campaign] Rowan the Wise Alternative Ending

    Created by Turnro I'm currently in the process of updating The Adventures of Rowan the Wise. One of the changes I am looking to implement is an improved epilogue to the campaign. A beta version of the epilogue is attached to this thread. Simply download the epilogue, test it, and...
  10. Turnro

    [Campaign] Mac Users Needed for Map Testing

    The Adventures of Rowan the Wise Mac Map Testers Wanted I am currently looking for eager users who own a Mac to test the map attached to this post. I have received numerous feedback concerning a crashing bug that occurs throughout The Adventures of Rowan the Wise. This crash was due...
  11. Turnro

    Campaign - Voice Actors Needed

    The Adventures of Rowan the Wise VOICE ACTORS NEEDED I am currently looking for voice actors for the following characters: - FOOTMAN - MAIEV SHADOWSONG - CHAPLAIN - ARCHMAGE - GYROCOPTOR If you know of any good voice actors or know a place to find them...
  12. Turnro

    Does Voice Acting have a Forum?

    After reviewing all the forums on Hive, I noticed that there is no dedicated place for users to request voice recordings for their maps. Does such a place exist on Hive? I'm curious to know because the Requests Forums seems to be only made up of artwork, models, skins, etc.
  13. Turnro

    The Adventures of Rowan the Wise - CAMPAIGN ICON REQUEST

    The Adventures of Rowan the Wise CAMPAIGN ICON REQUEST I'm currently in need for a new and improved icon for the next update of my campaign The Adventures of Rowan the Wise. Here are the requirements: - 256x256 pixels in size - Icon must be saved in TGA format - No text is...
  14. Turnro

    [Campaign] Need for Reviewers for an Undead Campaign

    Resurrection of the Scourge What is Resurrection of the Scourge? It is a Blizzard-like Warcraft 3 Campaign that is aimed to be fun to play, of high quality, and have an engaging storyline. Its story offers an alternate storyline which follows from The Adventures of Rowan the Wise and...
  15. Turnro

    [Campaign] Jeopardy for the Horde Testing

    Jeopardy for the Horde Greetings Hive Users! I have recently updated one of my old campaigns from my Warcraft 3 campaign series, and I am looking for testers to give me feedback on the work so far. To view/download the Jeopardy for the Horde, click here.