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  1. -Peper-

    [General] List of questions

    Well, I have some questions. 1. What causes irremovable leaks? 2. If I shouldn't use pause and waits for spell then what should I use? 3. How many damage dealt by Whosyourdaddy? 4. Is 522 the maximum MS? 5. What is the maximum AS? 6. How to set Spell cast and loop properly? 7. How to set...
  2. -Peper-

    Lag and sound after a while

    So yeah, my computer begin to lag and sound so loudly after 1+ gameplay or instantly when playing big games. It is an old comp, 256mb RAM Pentium 4. I believe it is not heating, because I put on a fan then the sound disappeared but still lagged. No internal problem, the fan's okay, and no...
  3. -Peper-

    HELP : Unwrap with LithUnwrap

    Okay, I'm learning how to make a good wrap. I made models with milkshape and guess, it can't unwrap (wrap from a view is baaad). So I opened LithUnwrap, then I got stuck with the options. They are like planar (I know this. Wrap pland by plane) cubical (or sumthin') cylindrical and others...
  4. -Peper-

    -Peper-'s HD War Machines

    Okay, so welcome to my thread. Where I dump unfinished HD models I made. Note that the models are not animated, textured, and wrapped yet. _________________ __________________ Before you shout 'hey its not hd!', you must know that I have to keep the polycount reasonable. For example, the Tank...
  5. -Peper-

    Annoying backdoor virus

    Yesterday I had to reinstall Windows. When I logged in, everything was laggy. And check it out, 109 processes! There are 80 svchost.exe process and the REAL one was only 7 (it's ran by system). I encountered this before, but not 80. I thought to myself 'Be patient, I'll just use the microsoft...
  6. -Peper-

    Fraps or Hypercam?

    Well, my friend gave me his copy of Fraps then I tried it. It records smoothly and does not lag my game, but I realized that you can't use it outside game (except firefox) Then my friend suggested Hypercam, that can records anything on the display. But does it lag the game while recording? And...
  7. -Peper-

    Video Setting : Model quality

    Okay, before someone said 'This should be in Modelling and Anim forum' i want to point: I was messing with my WC3, and set the model quality to low. And tada! Sucky models (except Lich, which ain't change) But where did they store this sucky models? They are not in MPQ? I checked the model...
  8. -Peper-

    Unreal World UrW is a unique graphical roguelike RPG taking place in ancient Finland during the late Iron Age. It brings you a realistic game world rich with historical atmosphere in which northern folklore, knowledge and way of life play an important part. It's fully up to...
  9. -Peper-


    What phobia are you having? Or did you managed to cure your phobia? I got Acrophobia (fear of heights) and Insectophobia (fear of insects) If I looked down when I was at like 15m high, my leg shivers, my heart pumping very fast, world looked very slow, and sweats.
  10. -Peper-

    .blp converter/decoder for attached files

    Hello To the point, why we don't we make .blp attached file viewable on forum? Just like if we upload a skin, it's converted to be the preview. Now how if attached .blp(s) be like that? So peoples can see the image without downloading it. Just a suggestion.
  11. -Peper-

    Animating attachments

    I been running to a small problem each time. Is there a way to animate an attachment? Or it can only play it stand animation? Or should i making a dummy that locusted and sticked? Thanks! Example : Lightsaber that play it's birth animation when it's ability activated or a hero, attached to...
  12. -Peper-

    Left 4 Dead : Apocalypse - RolePlay

    APOCALYPSE RP THREAD OOC: Few players, but enough to start. GM: You are now in a small white room. With a table on the center and you sat in the one of the three chairs. You can see from the window many infecteds in the streets. IC: "We've ran out of foods, let's go." Peper said as he take his...
  13. -Peper-

    MDLVIS Error - Cannot open

    Hi guys, I encountered a problem opening MDLVIS on my newly repaired computer. When i'm trying to open it, it says "The application has failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). I can open it before, but now not. Any clue how to fix this? And don't recommend me to use Vertex Modifier, buggy...
  14. -Peper-

    Left 4 Dead : Apocalypse - Construction

    APOCALYPSE This RP has nothing to do with both Left4Dead games. The Story : The Infection now spreads all over the city. Even CEDA agents are infected now, leaving very few survivors. You are the one of the survivors, your main goal is to survive. This RP has like no plot or story...
  15. -Peper-

    My e-mail account and malware.

    Offtopic is the right forum eh? Let's get started. Today i was browsing and i wanted to check my emails. But with all of the sudden, i can't access it. I ensured the password was true. And i realized my email was hacked. Several days ago my computer was full of malware, i can't access...
  16. -Peper-

    [Model Challenge] -Peper- vs Jeyu_Man

    The Hive Workshop Challenge 1. Copy this form in its entirety. 2. Create a new thead in THW's Challenge Submission forum. The theme and challenger/opponent's name should be in the title. 3. Complete the information in each field below the underlined categories. 4. Do not alter the document in...
  17. -Peper-

    My first (serious) skin, need criticism.

    This is my first serious effort to make a skin. (Yeah, noob) This is the result, i need criticism. (GIMME MORE!) Because it sucks, id how to improve..... I attached the Screenshot and the skin. And about the shading, this is metallic. So don't kill me. Oh, last thing. It uses Space Marine...
  18. -Peper-

    [Trigger] [REQUEST] Unit Mounts animal

    Hello, i hope this is the right forum. I want to ask, can I trigger unit like: A peasant mount horse, the peasant model is attached to the horse. And i want it to support Multiple units. How? And, if the horse play its walk anim, do the Peasant too? Sorry, GUI noob.
  19. -Peper-

    Geoset Importing and Exporting Guide

    Geoset Importing and Exporting Guide By -Peper- Requirements: Vertex Modifier (Optional) War3 Model Editor Introduction: What will we do in this tutorial? We will learn the basics of geoset exporting and importing using Magos' Model Editor. Do we need the vertex modifier tool...
  20. -Peper-

    The trash map uploading problem

    Greetings. So far, have seen so many trash maps out there. (If you don't know trash maps, see those) Trash 1 Trash 2 Trash 3 Trash 4 People that will upload that 'trash' maps make account only for uploading that 'trash'. Why i'm so negative about uploading Trash map? :goblin_jawdrop...
  21. -Peper-

    A R E A 99 Rp Thread

  22. -Peper-

    Error on OinkerWinkle's Animation Transfer

    Hey. First, i know there is thread somewhere about this, but my problem is different. So this is my problem, everytime i use it. It gives 'Error Run-Time 55, file already open'. And the model sucked after that, after re-converted to .mdx, the model was nothing! No bone, Nothing.. This is...