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  1. Spliffurt

    Ogre Legion Models (Re-Classic Pack)

    These models are so fire. I'd love to see another variant of the magi with the hood in team color if possible lol, it'd be so good.
  2. Spliffurt

    Resetting Model Previewer's height

    Weird question, was wondering if there was a way to reset the height of the editor's model previewer, the one to the left of the editor, I scaled it down and it stretched the model's appearance. I've looked everywhere, can't find a way to set it back to the correct scale.
  3. Spliffurt

    Old World Editor client doesn't open?

    Prior to the previous patch update for Reforged the older client of the World Editor doesn't run for me anymore. I've tried restarting and whatnot, replacing some of the files in the installation folder to meet no end. It appears to open, then immediately closes. I've tried running the old FT...