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  1. Anachron

    How to [download | install | configure] JNGP

    Edit by Purge: Note: You can avoid a lot of stress just by downloading from this link instead: Please check out the troubleshooting section before downloading. Make sure your antivirus is configured so that you will have a...
  2. doomhammer99

    Spell Description - Templates

    Spell Description - Templates Knowledge BB Codes v1.0.0.0 - Initial Release v1.0.0.1 - (Added) Flame Fonts ----------Table of Contents---------- Note: This is According to the Spell Rules CompatibilityCompatibility DescriptionDescription PerformancePerformance UsefulnessUsefulness...
  3. Statharas

    How to remove Blight's green clouds

    How to remove Blight's green clouds I changed the blight texture, but the gasses remain...Let's remove them now, shall we? This is prety easy actually. Step one: Download and import the MDX Attachment. This is a simple empty model (Sorry if what i said before mislead you to mistakes). Just...
  4. RoboHippo

    How to Make Easy Waterfalls

    Easy Waterfalls Do you like waterfalls? I sure do, but Warcraft 3's terrain doesn't allow a great deal of complexity. So, we must resort to trickery. You may now be thinking: "omg haxx lol". There will be none of that. This is a quick, easy way of making a waterfall, that won't involve anything...