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  1. Darth_Muppet

    How many hours a day do you use the computer?

    Erm... On weekdays with school I spend about 2-3 hours. When I don't have anything to do, like work and stuff, maybe 5-6 hours.
  2. Darth_Muppet

    What is your favourite song at the moment?

    Ahhh... Finally a good use for autotune
  3. Darth_Muppet

    Your most memorable warcraft quotes?

    Heres a good one "Could you put some bonus points in my drinking skills?" -Mountain King "All i see is Blackness! ...Oh, my hood is down" -Acolyte
  4. Darth_Muppet

    Are your Parents Gamers?

    As the title states, are your parents gamers? Mine are not. But my friend has a dad who loves to play GTA 4
  5. Darth_Muppet

    Favorite SSBB Character?

    Luigi!!! His new taunts are so kick ass and his final smash is deadly if you know how to use it :D Love his dash attack also.
  6. Darth_Muppet

    Anyone a Metroid Fan?

    Yeah. Liked all the Metroid Games but i played echoes when i was young and it creeped me out :O MP3 was awesome except i thought it was too easy.
  7. Darth_Muppet

    Post a screenshot of your WoW Character(s)

    Yeah. Lvl 70 Orc Warrior :D
  8. Darth_Muppet

    Favourite WoW Race

    Dwarfs :D Short guys with beards. Cant get any better then that
  9. Darth_Muppet


    Im addicted to... Root Beer People complain about me drinking to much of it and im now famous/infamous for my love for it. I drink about 1-2 a day... But sometimes i take a break. I also like Choco Milk, tastes like yum.
  10. Darth_Muppet

    How much do you play?

    Usually play on weekands, so about 10 to 15 hours a week.
  11. Darth_Muppet

    First Custom Map You've Played?

    LOAP... Not the best custom game to start out with in my opinion.
  12. Darth_Muppet

    Is WoW too much to pay or not?

    $15 is very reasonable indeed. And its UBER reasonable if you add in how much fun your having...
  13. Darth_Muppet

    build on ubuildable texture?

    Simply go into object editor, click on the building you want. Scroll down until you see something under Pathing called "Placement requires" then uncheck everything.
  14. Darth_Muppet

    Which Blizzard Campaign is your favourite?

    I liked the TFT Night Elf one and the RoC Human. Wardens are so cool and good, and i liked playing as the Naga. Watching Arthas slowly going insane was also very nice...
  15. Darth_Muppet

    The hero factory - Submit your ideas for heroes

    Suicide Veteran Suicidal Aura Every time a unit attacks the Suicide Veteran, they have a random chance of having a thought about suicide, causing them to kill themself. Depression...
  16. Darth_Muppet

    Eerie Tree

    Very Good. I really like the third pic and i love the effect of the lighting.
  17. Darth_Muppet

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice...
  18. Darth_Muppet


    Really cool, great idea and a nice radioactive feel. +rep
  19. Darth_Muppet

    Foggy Valley

    The fog is to bright... And maybe put it a little farther back.
  20. Darth_Muppet


    Needs a little bit more tile variation. And the Dark Ranger does not stick out that much.
  21. Darth_Muppet

    Reputation (+1): (Post) u got red

    Reputation (+1): (Post) u got red
  22. Darth_Muppet

    Crypt + Surroundings

    Get rid of the white stuff and the mini-map, simply go to Window and then uncheck all of them except for Show Pallates. And commenting on the terrain... It's doodads dont really mix and you have a tree growing on rocks and its also placed on a steep hill. You should also add some enviroment...
  23. Darth_Muppet

    Tropical River

    Here is a tropical river i did in about 20-35 minutes. Hope its as good as my other ones.
  24. Darth_Muppet

    Forest Valley

    Wohoo, nice terrain. Love the fog and the trees.
  25. Darth_Muppet

    Ruins Village

    Wow... Thought i would get a bad response because i didnt think it was that good. It sorta is a village, because of the 2 houses..... It also took me 5 minutes to choose a good fog. But i guess the end result was pretty good.
  26. Darth_Muppet

    Reputation: (Post) Nice Terrain :D

    Reputation: (Post) Nice Terrain :D
  27. Darth_Muppet

    Ruins Village

    Heres a terrain of a ruined village i made in 20-30 minutes. Hope you enjoy it as much as my last one...
  28. Darth_Muppet

    Lumber Jack

    Wow, pretty good response... That makes me quite pleased. And yes, each part of the house is seperate, including the chimney.
  29. Darth_Muppet

    Lumber Jack

    Hey, this is another terrain i made in roughly 20-30 minutes. Its simply a lumber jack how lives in a cheerful area.
  30. Darth_Muppet

    Creepy Woods

    Thanks for the nice solid response. And Oziris... please make your response longer and more meaningful. EDIT: Added poll... I know, its a bit late
  31. Darth_Muppet

    Frozen Tundra

    Wow... Nice job, I cant really see anything to improve.
  32. Darth_Muppet

    Creepy Woods

    There, added a theme to it... A unlucky pack of footmen encounter a Infernal
  33. Darth_Muppet

    Creepy Woods

    Could you suggest a nice angel or something. And i will try to add some sorta focus.
  34. Darth_Muppet

    Creepy Woods

    Here is a terrain i made in half an hour. It's just a spooky forest... I know... its not that original... If your curious about why i added an Infernal in the screeny down there is because i needed a theme.
  35. Darth_Muppet

    Fiery Gate

    The mountains are unnaturally spiky. The fire seems too bright compared to the rest of the scene.
  36. Darth_Muppet

    Naruto vs DBZ

    DBZ wins, even though i dont like it... Its just people with bad hair styles fighting each other.
  37. Darth_Muppet


    Nick... Short, simple, sweet
  38. Darth_Muppet

    Games that make you ><

    No, they are not hated enough. Dota corrupts and doesn't give new games a chance... I also cant stand any other AoS out there... They are repitative and most of their recipes are rigged as hell. I also dont like the Run Kitty Run game. There are so many versions with just changed...
  39. Darth_Muppet

    The hero factory - Submit your ideas for heroes

    Revenge Worm Wormy Delight Eats a serving of genetically modified dirt, increasing his attack power by a certain percent. (Battle Roar) Burrow Digs beneath the earth and hides himself. Then pops out at a target location, dealing damage to nearby units. (Dunno... probably blink or...
  40. Darth_Muppet

    How did you come up with your username?

    ... I liked the "darth" thing from SW... and i think muppets are intresting. And i thought the 2 together would be even more intresting, So i went with Darth_Muppet
  41. Darth_Muppet

    My First Terrain - Mushroom Planet

    Pretty good for a first terrain :D The tile variation is good but the doodads sorta seem jumbled and random. The terrain just needs to be a bit less... messy... But good job :D
  42. Darth_Muppet

    Unit Spawning Help

    Hi, need help with a little trigger. I want to make it so every 30 seconds, 3 peasants spawn at at a base. But there are more then one base and they are on opposite teams. Also... there are other races on the same map who spawn units of diffrent worker types. And also.... (yes again...) you each...
  43. Darth_Muppet

    Spawn & Move

    Thank you for your help. I finnaly figured it out. Now i can continue working on my map.
  44. Darth_Muppet

    Spawn & Move

    How about now. I swapped the event around but i dont know if itll work. Since i want the wisp to purchase the thing at the tavern and get removed. Lala Events Unit - A unit Sells a unit Conditions (Unit-type of (Sold unit)) Equal to Human Actions...
  45. Darth_Muppet

    Spawn & Move

    Wait, would this work Lala Events Unit - A unit enters Region 000 <gen> Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Human Actions Unit - Remove (Buying unit) from the game Unit - Create 1 Town Hall for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at...
  46. Darth_Muppet

    Spawn & Move

    I require help with a certain trigger. I'm making a trigger that once you purchse a unit at a tavern, the unit moves to a random base location (Base location is a unit). But I also want it to make sure that other players dont get the same base location as them. Think someone can help?
  47. Darth_Muppet

    (Least) Favorite Video Games

    Resist Arrest is always the best and most fun option in my opinion. And the good thing about Oblivion is that you can get away with some things and you can steal almost anything you want. The Guild Quests in Oblivion are very entertaining and absorbing, and the magic items are badass.
  48. Darth_Muppet

    (Least) Favorite Video Games

    Oblivion was very fun. And the whole free-roaming do what ever you want style is the reason i got it in the first place. I love how you can just kill any random civilian in the funniest and intresting ways possible.
  49. Darth_Muppet

    What if...

    Well if i was Invincible, I would stab myself multiple times and laugh about how i will never die. If i was a moderator, i would change everything to orange (oj pwns). If a was rigged, i would go on a mad killing frenzy and also laugh at whoever attacks me :D
  50. Darth_Muppet

    Your chatting style

    I dont care to much about grammar and i use abbreviations quite a bit. lol is the only achronym i use. But i dont get L337 one bit...