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  1. Fefiden

    Need help with projectiles and sound.

    :cry:Iv been racking my brain for tooooo long over this. I cannot get the projectiles on my units to work at all in my map nor can i get any atack sounds.:cry: what i need is: :fp:Projectiles to fire from each type of weapon :fp:Sound to go with the attacks :cute:& possibly a spell...
  2. Fefiden

    How do you stack barrels and crates (placing them over each other)

    i know how to raise them but i cant place them over eachother.
  3. Fefiden

    Units have no attack sound or projectile

    iv been using some unarmed marine models in my map, i cant figure out how to fix this. They have an impact sound (heavy metal bash and what not), but no attack sound or projectile.
  4. Fefiden

    Projectile and sound change with attachments?

    For my map when an unarmed unit picks up an item they are armed with a gun if they drop the item they lose the gun there are multiple guns. My gola is to make each of them have different projectiles and sounds but i have no idea how. Is there any way to make sounds and projectiles...
  5. Fefiden

    Unit Class Type Ideas (Swat Style Map)

    Well my project is a reconstruction of my first map that i never got to finishing. The game is pretty much up in the air im not shure wether it will be a deep scary zombie map or a parody zombie map that is slightly offensive where people skill hoards of celebrities or other random people...
  6. Fefiden

    Satelite View?

    How do i make a a view like the ones in this tutorial but in a map on my map i can get the camera to pan out to an extent but after a while the screen blacks out the map is "epic" in size would that be my...
  7. Fefiden

    Cliff and Floor Skinn

    I need a cliff and floor re skin to match the rest or my map currently most of the terrain is dark and ruined for somewhat then i have light city scape cliffs what i am looking for is brick pavers and stone walls possibly with some variations be creative the map is an industrial war torn...
  8. Fefiden

    Attachment problem?

    iv been messing around with the chain gun model ob here trying to attach it to an unarmed marine but when i attach it, the marine holds it like a sword and not like a rifle? im not shure what to do:eekani:
  9. Fefiden

    Need an Unarmed Marine

    I would do it myself but iv got a few issues one being i cant find the marine model in the viewer and the other is the fact the vertex modifier wont work for me. Thank you in advance and you will recieve credit in my map
  10. Fefiden

    Fallout [Vault 69]

    And yes i know the thread it titled vault 69 and iv got vault 13, accident =] Finaly i feel confident enough to start my first project iv been lurking abbout for quite a while. As a basis my map will themed on Fallout somewhat. I dont realy know if it should be classified as an rpg it is...
  11. Fefiden

    Black Hawk Down

    The map will be based on Black Hawk Down but with a modified story to allow more to people play. The map will start somewhat like S.W.A.T. with class selection wepons ect. The main objective will be to locate the downed black hawk (randomly spawned) establish a perimiter and wait for an air lift...